Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English ordered alternative hypothesis
French hypothčse alternative ordonnée
German geordnete Alternativhypothesen
Dutch geordende alternatieve hypothese
Italian ipotesi alternativaa ordinata
Spanish hipótesis alternativa ordinada
Catalan hipņtesi alternativa ordenada
Portuguese hipótese alternativa ordenada
Romanian -
Danish -
Norwegian -
Swedish ordnad mothypotes
Greek διαταγμένη εναλλακτική υπόθεση
Finnish järjestetyt vastahypoteesit
Hungarian rendezett ellenhipotézis
Turkish sıralı alternatif hipotez
Estonian järjestuse alternatiivhüpotees
Lithuanian sutvarkytoji alternatyvioji hipotezė
Slovenian -
Polish hipoteza alternatywna uporządkowana
Russian Упорядоченная альтернативная гипотеза
Ukrainian -
Serbian -
Icelandic pantaši valkostinum
Euskara agindu alternatiba hipotesi
Farsi -
Persian-Farsi فرض مقابل مرتب
Arabic فرضيات بديلة مرتبة
Afrikaans geordende alternatiewe hipotese
Chinese 有 序 备 择 假 设
Korean 순서대립[대안]가설

(-) This translation is missing.   (Italic) This translation is dubious.
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