Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English non-central chi-square distribution ; non-central χ² distribution ; Rice distribution
French distribution du chi-deux non centré ; distribution du khi-deux non centré
German nicht zentrale Chiquadrat-Verteilung
Dutch niet-centrale chi-kwadraat-verdeling
Italian distribuzione chi-quadrato non centrale
Spanish distribución de la ji-quadrado no central
Catalan distribució khi quadrat no central ; distribució de Rice
Portuguese distribuição qui-quadrado não central ; distribuição c2 não central ; distribuição de Rice
Romanian distribuţie Rice
Danish ikke-central chi-i-anden fordeling
Norwegian -
Swedish icke-central chitvå-fördelning
Greek μη κεντρική χι-τετράγωνο κατανομή ; μη κεντρική χ² κατανομή ; κατανομή Rice
Finnish epäkeskinen khiin neliö jakauma ; epäkeskinen χ² -jakauma
Hungarian nem centrális chi-négyzet eloszlás
Turkish merkezi olmayan ki-kare dağılımı ; namerkezi χ² dağılımı ; Rice dağılımı
Estonian mittetsentraalne hii-ruut-jaotus ; mittetsentraalne χ²-jaotus ; Rice'i jaotus
Lithuanian necentrinis chi-kvadrato skirstinys ; necentrinis χ²-skirstinys ; Rice skirstinys ; Raiso skirstinys
Slovenian Ricejeva porazdelitev
Polish rozkład niecentralny chi-kwadrat ; rozkład niecentralny χ²
Russian Ассиметричное распределение хи-квадрат ; ассиметричное распределение χ² ; распределение Райса
Ukrainian -
Serbian -
Icelandic Rice dreifing
Euskara Rice-ren banaketa
Farsi tozi-e kaydoye gheyrem rk zi ; tozi-e Rice
Persian-Farsi توزيع خي‌دوي نامرکزي
Arabic توزيع مربع كاي اللامركزي
Afrikaans niesentrale chi-kwadraatverdeling
Chinese 非 中 心 卡 方 ( χ ) 分 布
Korean 비중심 카이제곱분포

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