Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English multinomial distribution
French loi multinomiale
German Multinomialverteilung
Dutch multinomiale verdeling
Italian distribuzione multinomiale
Spanish distribución multinomial
Catalan distribució multinomial
Portuguese distribuiçăo multinomial
Romanian -
Danish polynomialfordeling
Norwegian multinomisk fordeling
Swedish multinomialfördelning
Greek πολυωνυμική κατανομή
Finnish multinomijakauma
Hungarian polinomiális eloszlás
Turkish çokterimli dağılım
Estonian multinoomjaotus ; multinomiaaljaotus
Lithuanian polinominis skirstinys
Slovenian polinominalna porazdelitev
Polish rozkład wielomianowy
Russian Мультиномиальное распределение
Ukrainian мультиномінальний розподіл
Serbian -
Icelandic fjölkostadreifing ; fjölliđudreifing
Euskara multinomial banaketa
Farsi tozi-e ch ndjomle-ee
Persian-Farsi توزيع چندجمله‌اي
Arabic توزيع كثيرات الحدود
Afrikaans multinomiaalverdeling
Chinese 多 项 式 分 布
Korean 다항분포

(-) This translation is missing.   (Italic) This translation is dubious.
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