Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English Merrington-Pearson approximation
French approximation de Merrington-Pearson
German Merrington-Pearson-Approximation
Dutch benadering volgens Merrington-Pearson
Italian approssimazione di Merrington-Pearson
Spanish aproximación de Merrington-Pearson
Catalan aproximació de Merrington-Pearson
Portuguese aproximação de Merrington-Pearson
Romanian aproximarea Merrington-Pearson
Danish Merrington-Pearsonsapproksimation
Norwegian -
Swedish Merrington-Pearsonapproximation
Greek προσέγγιση Merrington-Pearson
Finnish Merringtonin-Pearsonin approksiomaatio
Hungarian Merrington-Pearson-megközelítes
Turkish Merrington-Pearson yaklaştırımı
Estonian Merrington-Pearsoni lähend
Lithuanian Merrington ir Pearson aproksimacija ; Merrington ir Pearson artinys ; Meringtono ir Pirsono aproksimacija ; Meringtono ir Pirsono artinys
Slovenian -
Polish aproksymacja Merringtona-Pearsona
Russian Аппроксимация Меррингтона-Пирсона
Ukrainian -
Serbian -
Icelandic Merrington-Pearson samræmingu
Euskara Merrington-Pearson hurbilketa
Farsi t ghribe Merrington-Pearson
Persian-Farsi تبديل مِلين
Arabic تقريب ميرنكتون - بيرسن
Afrikaans Merrington-Pearson-benadering
Chinese 梅 林 顿 ― 皮 尔 逊 逼 近
Korean Merrington-Pearson 근사

(-) This translation is missing.   (Italic) This translation is dubious.
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