Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English Markov process
French processus de Markov
German Markowscher Proze▀ ; Markow-Proze▀
Dutch Markov-proces
Italian processo di Markov
Spanish proceso de Markov
Catalan procÚs de MÓrkov
Portuguese processo de Markov
Romanian -
Danish Markovproces
Norwegian Markovprosess
Swedish markovprocess
Greek διαδικασία Markov
Finnish Markovin prosessi
Hungarian Markov-folyamat
Turkish Markov sŘreci (prosesi)
Estonian Markovi protsess
Lithuanian Markov procesas ; Markovo procesas
Slovenian Markovova proces
Polish proces Markowa
Russian Процесс Маркова
Ukrainian Марківський процес
Serbian Марковљев процес
Icelandic Markovsferli
Euskara Markov-en prozesu
Farsi f ray nde Markov
Persian-Farsi فرايند مارکوف
Arabic عملية ماركوف
Afrikaans Markov-proses (waarin die voorwaardelike verdeling vir 'n toekomstige toestand, gegee die huidige toestand, nie deur kennis van vorige toestande be´nvloed word nie)
Chinese 马 尔 可 夫 过 程
Korean 마르코프 과정

(-) This translation is missing.   (Italic) This translation is dubious.
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