Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English Laplace law of succession
French loi de succesion de Laplace
German Laplacesches Folgegesetz
Dutch voortzettingswet van Laplace
Italian legge di successione di Laplace
Spanish ley de la herencia de Laplace
Catalan llei de Laplace de successió
Portuguese lei da sucessăo de Laplace
Romanian -
Danish -
Norwegian -
Swedish -
Greek νόμος της διαδοχής Laplace
Finnish (Laplacen jatkuvuuden laki)
Hungarian Laplace-féle sorrendiségi törvény
Turkish Laplace ardışıklık (silsile) yasası
Estonian Laplace'i järgnevusseadus
Lithuanian Laplace sekos dėsnis ; Laplace sekos taisyklė  ; Laplaso sekos dėsnis ; Laplaso sekos taisyklė
Slovenian -
Polish prawo następstwa Laplace'a
Russian Закон следования Лапласа
Ukrainian -
Serbian -
Icelandic Laplace lög í röđ
Euskara Laplace ondorengotza legea
Farsi -
Persian-Farsi قانون توالي لاپلاس
Arabic قانون لابلاس للتوالي
Afrikaans Laplace se opvolgwet
Chinese 拉 普 拉 斯 连 续 律
Korean 라플라스 승계 법칙

(-) This translation is missing.   (Italic) This translation is dubious.
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