Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English Lancaster's partition of chi-squared
French partition de chi-carré de Lancaster ; partition de khi-carré de Lancaster
German Lancastersche Chiquadrat-Zerlegung
Dutch opsplitsing van chi-kwadraat volgens Lancaster
Italian partizione del chi-quadrato di Lancaster
Spanish descomposición de la ji-cuadrado de Lancaster
Catalan partició de la khi-quadrat de Lancaster
Portuguese partiçăo do qui-quadrado de Lancaster
Romanian -
Danish -
Norwegian -
Swedish -
Greek διαμέριση του χι-τετράγωνο του Lancaster
Finnish Lancasterin khiin neliö-ositus
Hungarian Lancaster-féle chi-négyzet megbontás
Turkish Lancaster ki-kare bölümlemesi
Estonian Lancasteri hii-ruudu lahutus
Lithuanian Lancaster chi-kvadrato skaidinys ; Lankasterio chi-kvadrato skaidinys
Slovenian -
Polish podział Lancastera rozkładu chi-kwadrat
Russian Разделение хи-квадрата Ланкастера
Ukrainian -
Serbian -
Icelandic Lancaster's disksneiđ chi-ferningur
Euskara Lancaster-en chi karratu partizioa
Farsi efraze kaydoye Lancaster
Persian-Farsi -
Arabic تجزأة لانكستر لمربع كاي
Afrikaans Lancaster se chi-kwadraat-opdeling
Chinese 兰 开 斯 特 卡 方 分 类
Korean Lancaster의 카이제곱 분할

(-) This translation is missing.   (Italic) This translation is dubious.
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