Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English Lambda-criterion ; λ-criterion ; Wilks' criterion
French critère de Lambda ; critère de Wilks
German Lambda-Kriterium ; Wilkssches Kriterium
Dutch lambda-criterium ; Wilks-criterium
Italian criterio lambda ; criterio di Wilks
Spanish criterio-lambda ; criterio de Wilks
Catalan criteri lambda ; criteri de Wilks
Portuguese critério lambda ; critério-l ; critério de Wilks
Romanian criteriul lambda ; criteriul λ ; creteriul lui Wilks
Danish Lambda-kriterium ; λ-kriterium ; Wilkkriterium
Norwegian Lambda-kriterium ; λ-kriterium ; Wilk kriterium
Swedish Lambda-kriterium ; λ-kriterium ; Wilkkriterium
Greek κριτήριο Λάμδα ; κριτήριο λ ; κριτήριο του Wilks
Finnish Lambda kriteeri ; λ-kriteeri ; Wilksin kriteeri
Hungarian lambda-ismérv ; Wilks-ismérv
Turkish lamda-ölçütü (kriteri) ; λ-kriteri ; Wilks'in ölçütü (kriteri)
Estonian lambda-kriteerium ; λ-kriteerium ; Wilksi kriteerium
Lithuanian lambda kriterijus ; λ-kriterijus
Slovenian Lambda-kriterij ; λ-kriterij ; Wilkov kriterij
Polish kryterium lambda ; kryterium λ ; kryterium Wilksa
Russian Лямбда-критерий ; λ-критерий ; критерий Уилкса
Ukrainian -
Serbian -
Icelandic Lambda-viğmiğun ; λ-viğmiğun ; viğmiğun Wilks'
Euskara Lambda-irizpidea ; λ-irizpidea ; Wilks' irizpidea
Farsi zabeteye landa ; zabeteye Wilks
Persian-Farsi ملاک لامبداي ويلکس
Arabic خاصية لمدا؛ خاصية ولكس
Afrikaans lambdakriterium ; Wilks-kriterium ; Wilks se kriterium ; Wilks se lambda
Chinese 兰 姆 德 ( λ ) 准 则 ; 威 尔 克 斯 准 则
Korean 람다 기준

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