Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English asymptotic standard error
French écart-type asymptotique ; erreur type asymptotique
German asymptotischer Standardfehler
Dutch asymptotische standaard fout
Italian errore standard asintotico
Spanish error estándar asintótico
Catalan error estŕndard asimptňtic
Portuguese erro padrăo assintótico
Romanian -
Danish asymptotiske standardafvigelse
Norwegian asymptotisk standard feil
Swedish asymptotiskt medelfel
Greek ασυμπτωτικό τυπικό σφάλμα
Finnish asymptoottinen keskihajonta
Hungarian aszimptotikus standard hiba
Turkish asimptotik standart hata ; asimptotik standart yanılgı
Estonian asümptootiline standardviga
Lithuanian asimptotinė standartinė paklaida
Slovenian asimptotičnim standardna napaka
Polish asymptotyczne odchylenie standardowe z próby
Russian Асимптотическая стандартная ошибка
Ukrainian -
Serbian асимптотска стандардна грешка
Icelandic asymptotic stađalskekkja
Euskara asintotiko errore estandarra
Farsi kh taye meyare mojanebi
Persian-Farsi -
Arabic خطأ معياري مقارب
Afrikaans asimptotiese standaardfout
Chinese 淅 近 标 准 误
Korean 점근(적)표준오차

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