Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English hyper-Graeco-Latin square
French carré hyper-gréco-latin
German hypergriechisch-lateinisches Quadrat
Dutch Grieks-Latijns vierkant van hogere orde
Italian quadrato greco-latino di ordine superiore
Spanish cuadrado hipergreco-latino
Catalan quadrat hiper-greco-llatí
Portuguese quadrado hiper-greco-latino
Romanian -
Danish hyper grćsk-romersk kvadrat
Norwegian hyper-gresk-latinsk kvadtat
Swedish hyper-grekisk-romersk kvadrat
Greek υπερ-ελληνο-λατινικού τετραγώνου
Finnish hyper-kreikkalais-latinalainen neliö
Hungarian hiper-görög-latin négyzet
Turkish hiper Graceo Latin karesi
Estonian kőrgemat järku kreeka-ladina ruut
Lithuanian graikiškasis-lotyniškasis hiperkvadratas
Slovenian hiper-grško-latinski kvadrat
Polish kwadrat hiper-grecko-łaciński
Russian Гипер латинский квадрат Граеко
Ukrainian -
Serbian хипер Грчко-Латински квадрат
Icelandic há-Graeco-Latin ferningur
Euskara hiper-Graeco-Latin plazan
Farsi foghemor b -e Latine Graeco
Persian-Farsi -
Arabic مربع لاتيني اغريقي زائدي
Afrikaans hiper-Grieks-Latynse vierkant
Chinese 超 希 腊 拉 丁 方
Korean 초 그레코-라틴 방격[정방]설계

(-) This translation is missing.   (Italic) This translation is dubious.
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