Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English hypergeometric distribution
French loi hyper géométrique ; distribution hypergéométrique
German hypergeometrische Verteilung
Dutch hypergeometrische verdeling
Italian distribuzione ipergeometrica
Spanish distribución hipergeométrica
Catalan distribució hipergeomètrica
Portuguese distribuição hipergeométrica
Romanian distribuţie hypergeometrică
Danish hypergeometrisk fordeling
Norwegian hypergeometrisk fordeling
Swedish hypergeometrisk fördelning
Greek υπεργεωμετρική κατανομή
Finnish hypergeometrinen jakauma
Hungarian hipergeometrikus eloszlás
Turkish hipergeometrik dağılım
Estonian hüpergeomeetriline jaotus
Lithuanian hipergeometrinis skirstinys
Slovenian hipergeometrijska porazdelitev
Polish rozkład hipergeometryczny
Russian Гипергеометрическое распределение
Ukrainian гіпергеометричний розподіл
Serbian хипергеометријски распоред
Icelandic happadreifing ; happdrættisdreifing
Euskara banaketa hipergeometriko
Farsi tozi-e foghehendesi
Persian-Farsi توزيع فوق‌هندسي
Arabic التوزيع فوق الهندسي أو التوزيع الهندسي الزائدي
Afrikaans hipergeometriese verdeling
Chinese 超 几 何 分 布
Korean 초기하분포

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