Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English absolute moments
French moments non centrés ; moments des valeurs absolues
German absolute Momente
Dutch absolute momenten
Italian momenti assoluti
Spanish momentos absolutos
Catalan moments absoluts
Portuguese momentos absolutos
Romanian momente absolute ; momentele valorilor absolute ; momente necentrate
Danish absolut moment
Norwegian absolutt moment
Swedish absolutmoment
Greek απόλυτες ροπές
Finnish itseisarvomomentti ; absoluuttinen momentti
Hungarian abszolút momentumok
Turkish mutlak moment
Estonian absoluutsed momendid ; absoluutmomendid
Lithuanian absoliutieji momentai
Slovenian absolutna trenutke
Polish momenty absolutne
Russian Абсолютные моменты
Ukrainian абсолютний момент
Serbian апсолутни моменти
Icelandic alger stundir
Euskara absolutua une
Farsi gashtavarhaye motlagh
Persian-Farsi گشتاور مطلق
Arabic العزوم المطلقة
Afrikaans absolute moment (waarin die afwykings vanaf 'n vaste punt sonder inagneming van die teken geneem word)
Chinese 绝 对 矩
Korean 절대적률

(-) This translation is missing.   (Italic) This translation is dubious.
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