Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English fractile ; quantile
French fractile ; quantile
German Fraktil ; Quantil
Dutch kwantiel ; fractiel
Italian quantile
Spanish cuantilo ; fractila ; fractilo ; cuantil
Catalan quantil ; fractil
Portuguese quantil ; fractil
Romanian -
Danish fraktil
Norwegian fraktil
Swedish fraktil ; kvantil
Greek ποσοστημόριο
Finnish osuus(piste) ; fraktiili ; kvantiili ; osuuspisteet ; fraktiilit ; kvantiilit
Hungarian kvantilis ; kvantilisek
Turkish kesirlik ; kantil
Estonian kvantiil ; fraktiil
Lithuanian kvantilis
Slovenian kvantil
Polish fraktyle ; kwantyle
Russian Квантиль
Ukrainian квантиль
Serbian фрактил ; квантил
Icelandic hlutsfallsmark
Euskara koantil ; kuantil
Farsi k sr k , ch nd k ; ch nd k-ha
Persian-Farsi کسرک ; چندک
Arabic تكسير؛ التجزئة
Afrikaans kwantiel
Chinese 分 位 数 , 分 位 点
Korean 분위수

(-) This translation is missing.   (Italic) This translation is dubious.
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