Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English Fisher information matrix
French matrice de information de Fisher
German Fisher-Informationsmatrix
Dutch Fisher-informatie matrix
Italian -
Spanish matriz de información de Fisher
Catalan matriu d'informació de Fisher
Portuguese matriz da informação de Fisher
Romanian Fisher informaţii matrice
Danish Fisherinformationsmatrix
Norwegian Fisher informasjon matrise
Swedish Fisher information matris
Greek πίνακας πληροφορίας του Fisher
Finnish (Fisherin) informaatiomatriisi
Hungarian Fisher-információ mátrix
Turkish Fisher bilgi matrisi
Estonian Fisher teavet põhiaine
Lithuanian Fisher informacija matrica ; Fišerio informacija matrica
Slovenian Fisher informacije matrica
Polish informacja Fishera matrycy
Russian Матрица информации Фишера
Ukrainian інформаційна матриця Фішера
Serbian Фишерова информациона матрица
Icelandic Fisher upplýsingar fylki
Euskara Fisher informazio matrize
Farsi -
Persian-Farsi اطلاع فیشر
Arabic مصفوفة معلومات فشر
Afrikaans Fisher-inligtingsmatriks
Chinese Fisher信息矩阵
Korean 피셔 정보 행렬

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