Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English equivalent samples
French échantillon équivalent
German äquivalente Stichproben
Dutch equivalente steekproeven
Italian campioni equivalenti
Spanish muestra equivalente
Catalan mostra equivalent
Portuguese amostras equivalentes
Romanian probe echivalente
Danish tilsvarende prøver
Norwegian tilsvarende prøver
Swedish likvärdiga stickprov
Greek ισοδύναμα δείγματα
Finnish ekvivalentit otokset
Hungarian egyenértékû minták
Turkish eşdeğer örnekler
Estonian ekvivalentsed valimid ; samaväärsed valimid
Lithuanian ekvivalenčios imtys
Slovenian enakovredna vzorca
Polish próby ekwiwalentne ; próby równoważne
Russian Эквивалентные выборки
Ukrainian еквівалентні зразків
Serbian еквивалентни узорци
Icelandic samsvarandi sýni
Euskara baliokidea laginak
Farsi nemoonehaye h m- rz
Persian-Farsi -
Arabic عينات مكافئة
Afrikaans ekwivalente steekproewe
Chinese 等 价 样 本
Korean 동등표본

(-) This translation is missing.   (Italic) This translation is dubious.
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