Glossary of statistical terms

Language Description
English absolute error
French erreur absolue
German absoluter Fehler
Dutch absolute fout
Italian errore assoluto
Spanish error absoluto
Catalan error absolut
Portuguese erro absoluto
Romanian eroare absolută
Danish absolut fejl ; numerisk fejl
Norwegian absolutt feil
Swedish absolutfel
Greek απόλυτο σφάλμα
Finnish virheen itseisarvo ; absoluuttinen virhe
Hungarian abszolút hiba
Turkish mutlak hata ; mutlak yanılgı
Estonian absoluutviga ; absoluutne viga
Lithuanian absoliučioji paklaida
Slovenian absolutna napaka
Polish błąd bezwzględny ; błąd absolutny
Russian Абсолютная погрешность
Ukrainian абсолютна похибка
Serbian апсолутна грешка
Icelandic alger villa
Euskara errore absolutu ; akats absolutu
Farsi khataye motlagh
Persian-Farsi خطای مطلق
Arabic الخطأ المطلق
Afrikaans absolute fout (die absolute afwyking van 'n stogastiese veranderlike vanaf sy "werklike" waarde)
Chinese 绝 对 误 差
Korean 절대오차

(-) This translation is missing.   (Italic) This translation is dubious.
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