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Campbells teorem
Camp-Meidells ulikhet
Camp-Paulson tilnærmingen
Canberra metrisk
Cantellis ulikhet
Cantor-type distribusjoner
Capons test
Carleman kriterium
Carli indeks
case-kohort design
case-kontroll studie
case-referent studie
Cauchy fordeling
Cauchy-Schwarz ulikhet
celle modell
Champernowne fordeling
Chapman-Kolmogorovs likestilling
Charlier fordeling
Charlier polynomer
Chauvenet kriterium
Chernoff's ansikter
Chernoff-Savages teorem
Cholesky nedbrytning
Chung-Fuchs teorem
cirkulære ensartet fordeling
Cliff-Ords test
Cochran kriterium
Cochrans regel
Cochrans teorem
Cochrans test
contra konfirmasjonen
Cook's statistikk
Cornish-Fisher ekspansjon
cosinus distribusjon
Cox modell
Cox proporsjonal hazards modell
Cox prosess
Cox's regresjonsmodell
Coxs teorem
Cox-Stuarts test
Craig effekt
Craigs teorem
Cramér-Lévys teorem
Cramér-Rao effektivitet
Cramér-Rao grensen
Cramér-Raos ulikhet
Cramér-Tchebychevs ulikhet
Cramér-von Mises test
Cramér-Wold enhet
Croftons teorem
Cronbach's alpha
cross spektrum
cross-vekt indeksnummer
CSM test
CUSUM prosedyrer


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