Farsi: D

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d de p ziresh
d de shakhes
d de shakhese Konyus
d h k
d me t gharon
d me t gharon
d r jehaye azadi
d r jeye eteghad
d roon bloki
d rs de m yoobe mojaz d r gh t-e
d stgahe kamele moadelat
d v ran
d v rane amel
dade Bernoulli
dade nemoonegiriye t sadofi
dadehaye keyfi
dadehaye mojt m
dam ne
dam neye miyan char ki
dam neye miyan d h ki
dam neye mo ser
dam neye mot h rek
do rzeshi
do rzeshiye moza f
dovomin gh ziyeye h ddi
dowrenegare Alter
dowrenegare Schuster
dowrenegare Wittaker


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