Farsi: B

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b ravorde fasele-ee
b ravorde Mood-Browne yek kh t
b ravorde naoribe d r jeye dovom ba h de gh le norm
b ravorde noghte-ee
b ravorde Winsorised
b ravordg r
b ravordg re Aitken
b ravordg re betowre mojaneb kara
b ravordg re Bickel-Hodges
b ravordg re d r jeye dovom
b ravordg re h de ks re dorostn ma-eeye t mimyafte
b ravordg re Horvitz-Thompson
b ravordg re Huber
b ravordg re James-Stein
b ravordg re k mt rin t vanhaye dovom
b ravordg re Kaplan-Meier
b ravordg re kara
b ravordg re L
b ravordg re Murthy
b ravordg re naoribe kh tti ba k mt rin variyans
b ravordg re nap ziroft ni
b ravordg re nesb t
b ravordg re noarib
b ravordg re Pitman
b ravordg re R
b ravordg re regresiyoniye mokht lete Theil
b ravordg re sazgar
b ravordg re Spearman
b ravordg re Spearman-Kärber
b ravordg re Yates-Grundy-Sen
b razand ne r v nd
b razeshe monh ni
b rnameriziye kh tti
b rnameriziye pooya
b rnameye nemoone-ee
b rr siye nemoone-ee
balat rin faselehaye chegaliye p sin
baravorde Bayes
baravorde chaghaly
baravordgare motlagh naorib
baravordyabe actuarial
baravordyabe orib
bazbiniye keyfi
baziye bazg sht
baziye m jmoo sefr
baziye monsefane
bazr si b raye eslah
bazr siye kol
bazr siye kootahshode
bazr siye m mooli
bazr siye mot gh yerha
bazr siye nemoone-ee
beht rin b ravordg re betowre mojanebi normal
beht rin nahiyeye bohrani
Berkeley Madonna
betowre t sadofi bozorgt r ya kooch kt r
betowre yekn vakht b ravordg re naorib
betowre yekn vakht t vanat rin azmoon
betowre yekn vakht tabe-e t smime beht r
bloke naghes
bloke naghese mot adel
blok-haye mot selshodeye mos l si ( monf red ya dogane )
blok-haye t sadofishode


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