Farsi: A

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adade paziroftani
amare actuarial
amare chi-2 tajamoie
amare towsifi
amarehaye be t rtibe rotbe
amarehaye Bose-Einstein
amarehaye Dixon
amarehaye Fermi-Dirac
amarehaye g
amarehaye k
amarehaye kafiye minimal
amarehaye L
amarehaye L
amarehaye Maxwell-Boltzmann
amarehaye O
amarehaye p
amarehaye Ripley
amarehaye U
amareye Anderson-Darling
amareye azmoone Moran
amareye azmoone Sherman
amareye Cook
amareye D²
amareye Dn+
amareye Durbin-Watson
amareye f rinha
amareye Gabriel-Sen
amareye Goodman-Kruskal G
amareye Hoeffding C1
amareye kai
amareye Kruskal
amareye Kuiper
amareye m
amareye Mallows Cp
amareye nakara
amareye r deb ndiye Wald
amareye sh rti
amareye sistematik
amareye sistematike kh tti
amareye Sukhatme d
amareye Tukey
amareye U1 Wilks-Lawley
amareye W
amareye Y1 Bagai
amele Bayes
amele doghotbi
amele h mb ste
amele hambasteghi
amele khas
amele mira
amele moghayeseye z mani
amele mosht r k
amele omoomi
amele sakhtegi
analize ameliye ch ndgane
analize Fourier
analize h msaz
analize mo lefe
analize probit
analize regresiyone h mvar
analize shenasa-ee
analize t nazor
analize variyans
andaze motlagh
arayehaye mot -amed
azmayeshe faktoriyel
azmayeshe mokht let
azmone mojanebi
azmone rotbe Abelson-Tukey
azmone shetabandeh
azmone zaman shetabandeh
azmoone Bartlett
azmoone Behrens-Fisher
azmoone Box
azmoone Brunk
azmoone C.S.M.
azmoone Capon
azmoone Cochran
azmoone Cramér-von Mises
azmoone D’Agostino
azmoone dam neye miyan char kiye Westenberg
azmoone Daniel
azmoone David-Barton
azmoone dodonbale-ee
azmoone donbalehaye b rab r
azmoone Duncan
azmoone Dunn
azmoone Dunnett
azmoone Dwass-Steel
azmoone esteghlale Hoeffding
azmoone F
azmoone Fisher-Behrens
azmoone Fisher-Irwin
azmoone Fisher-Yates
azmoone Freund-Ansari
azmoone Friedman
azmoone g rdeshhaye Wald-Wolfowitz
azmoone g
azmoone Gabriel
azmoone Gart
azmoone gooshe
azmoone Greenhouse-Geisser
azmoone Hartley
azmoone Hodges-Ajne
azmoone Hotelling
azmoone K
azmoone Kamat
azmoone Klotz
azmoone k-nemoone-eeye Jonckheere
azmoone Knox
azmoone Kolmogorov-Smirnov
azmoone Kruskal-Wallis
azmoone kse z mani
azmoone L
azmoone lam te domot gh yere
azmoone lam te domot gh yereye Hodge
azmoone Lehmann
azmoone Leslie
azmoone Lilliefors
azmoone m jmoo-e rotbeye f rin
azmoone Mann-Kendall
azmoone Mann-Whitney
azmoone Mantel-Haenszel
azmoone McNemar
azmoone Mood W
azmoone mos l s
azmoone Moses
azmoone mot gharen
azmoone namot ghareni
azmoone naorib
azmoone nesb te ehtemale donbale-eeye t mimyafte
azmoone Newman-Keuls
azmoone normal bood n
azmoone orib
azmoone p ziroft ni
azmoone paydari
azmoone Pitman
azmoone Pitman-Morgan
azmoone Potthoff
azmoone Q Cochran
azmoone Quenouille
azmoone Rosenbaum
azmoone rotbe-eeye logaritmi
azmoone rotbeye lam tdar,azmoone rotbeye zowjhaye joorshodeye Wilcoxon
azmoone rotbeye lam tdare Wilcoxon
azmoone s
azmoone Satterthwaite
azmoone Scheffé
azmoone sh rti
azmoone Shapiro-Wilk
azmoone Siegel-Tukey
azmoone Student
azmoone Sukhatme
azmoone t gharone domot gh yereye Hollander
azmoone t rkibi
azmoone t rtibe rotbeye Galton
azmoone T
azmoone T
azmoone t
azmoone Terry
azmoone Terry-Hoeffding
azmoone Tukey q
azmoone Tukey
azmoone U
azmoone UN² Watson I
azmoone UN² Watson II
azmoone UN²
azmoone Van Der Waerden
azmoone VN
azmoone Wald-Wolfowitz
azmoone Watson I
azmoone Watson II
azmoone Watson-Williams
azmoone Welch
azmoone Wilcoxon
azmoone Wilks-Rosenbaum
azmoone Wn²
azmoone yekt r fe
azmoone z
azmoonhaye Beran
azmoonhaye Cox v Stuart
azmoonhaye peyapey
azmoonhaye Rayleigh
azmoonhaye t bdil


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