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W statistic
W test for Normality
waiting line
waiting time
Wald distribution
Wald statistic
Wald test
Wald's classification statistic
Wald's fundamental identity
Wald-Wolfowitz runs test
Wald-Wolfowitz test
Walker probability function
Ward's method
Waring distribution
Watson's distribution
Watson's UNČ test I
Watson's UNČ test II
Watson-Williams test
Watterson's mutation estimate
weak convergence
wedge plans
Weibull distribution
weighing design
weight bias
weight function
weighted average
weighted battery
weighted index number
weighted least squares
weighted mean
weighted regression
weighting coefficient
weighting factor
Welch's test
Westenberg's interquartile range test
white noise
Whittaker periodogram
Whittle distribution
Whittle estimation
Wicksell's equations
wide sense stationary
Wiener process
Wiener-Hopf technique
Wiener-Khintchine theorem
Wilcoxon rank sum test
Wilcoxon signed rank test
Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test
Wilcoxon's matched pairs rank test
Wilcoxon's test
Wilks' criterion
Wilks' empty cell test
Wilks' internal scatter
Wilks-Lawley U1 statistic
Wilks-Rosenbaum tests
Wilson-Hilferty transformation
Winsorised estimation
Winsorized estimation
Wishart distribution
Wishart's modal analysis
within-group variance
WnČ test
Wold's decomposition theorem
Wold's Markov process of intervals
Wolfowitz minimum distance method
Woodbury distribution
working mean
working origin
working probit
wrapped Cauchy distribution
wrapped distribution
wrapped normal distribution
wrapped Poisson distribution


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