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Macaulay's formula
Madow-Leipnik distribution
magic square design
Mahalanobis distance
Mahalanobis' generalised distance
Mahalanobis' generalized distance
main effect
Makeham distribution
Mallows's Cp statistic
manifold classification
Mann-Kendall test
Mann-Whitney test
MANOVA table
Mantel-Haenszel test
Marcinkiewicz's theorem
marginal category
marginal classification
marginal distribution
marked point process
marker variable
Markov chain Monte Carlo
Markov chain
Markov estimate
Markov field
Markov inequality
Markov process
Markov random field
Markov renewal process
Marshall-Edgeworth-Bowley index
Marshall-Olkin distribution
martingale residuals
masking effect
master sample
matched samples
matching coefficient
matching distribution
matrix sampling
Mauchly test
maximin criterion
maximum entropy method
maximum entropy principle
maximum F-ratio
maximum likelihood estimator
maximum likelihood method
maximum probability estimator
max-type procedures
Maxwell distribution
Maxwell-Boltzmann statistics
McDonald-Kreitman test
McNemar's test
mean absolute deviation
mean absolute error
mean deviation
mean difference
mean direction
mean excess function
mean likelihood estimator
mean linear successive difference
mean probit difference
mean range
mean residual life
mean semi-squared difference
mean square consecutive fluctuation estimator
mean square contingency
mean square deviation
mean square error
mean square successive difference
mean square
mean successive difference
mean trigonometric deviation
mean values
measure of central tendency
measure of location
medial test
median absolute deviation : MAD
median centre
median direction
median effective dose
median F-statistic
median lethal dose
median line
median regression curve
median survival time
median test
median unbiased confidence interval
median unbiasedness
Mellin transform
Merrington-Pearson approximation
method of collective marks
method of moments
method of overlapping maps
method of path coefficients
method of scoring
method of selected points
method of semi-averages
method of steepest ascent
Metropolis-Hastings algorithm
mid-rank method
Miller distribution
Miller's jackknife test
Mills' ratio
minimal essential completeness
minimal sufficient statistics
minimally connected design
minimax estimation
minimax principle
minimax regret principle
minimax robust estimator
minimax strategy
minimum chi-squared
minimum completeness
minimum discrimination information statistic
minimum logit chi-squared
MInimum Norm Quadratic Unbiased Estimation
minimum normit chi-square estimator
minimum spanning tree
minimum variance linear unbiased estimator
minimum variance
Minkowski's inequality
missing at random
missing completely at random
missing data
missing information principle
missing plot technique
Mitscherlich equation
mixed autoregressive-moving average process
mixed autoregressive-regressive system
mixed distribution
mixed exponential response law
mixed factorial experiments
mixed model
mixed sampling
mixed spectrum
mixed strategy
mixed-up observations
mixture distribution
mixture of distributions
modal value
model averaging
model I
model II
modified arithmetic mean
modified binomial distribution
modified control limits
modified exponential curve
modified Latin square
modified mean square successive difference
modified mean
modified normal distributions
modified profile likelihood
modified von Neumann ratio
modulus of precision
moment coefficient
moment estimator
moment generating function
moment matrix
moment ratio
monotone likelihood ratio
monotone regression
monotonic structure
Monte Carlo EM algorithm
Monte Carlo method
Monte Carlo test
monthly average
Mood-Brown estimation of a line
Mood-Brown estimation
Mood-Brown median test
Mood-Brown procedure
Mood's W-test
Moore-Penrose inverse
moral graph
Moran's test statistic
Morgenstern distributions
Mortara formula
Moses' ranklike dispersion test
Moses' test
most efficient estimator
most powerful critical region
most powerful rank test
most powerful test
most selective confidence intervals
most stringent test
Mosteller's k-sample slippage test
MOSUM procedures
mover-stayer model
moving annual total
moving average disturbance
moving average method
moving average model
moving average process
moving average
moving observer technique
moving range
moving seasonal variation
moving summation process
moving total
moving weights
mth values
multi-binomial test
multi-dimensional scaling
multi-equational model
multi-factorial design
multi-level continuous sampling plans
multilinear process
multi-modal distribution
multinomial distribution
multi-phase sampling
multiple bar chart
multiple changes
multiple classification
multiple comparisons
multiple correlation coefficient
multiple curvilinear correlation
multiple decision methods
multiple decision problem
multiple factor analysis
multiple imputation
multiple Markov process
multiple phase process
multiple Poisson distribution
multiple Poisson process
multiple random starts
multiple range test
multiple recapture census
multiple record system
multiple regression
multiple sampling
multiple smoothing method
multiple stratification
multiple time series
multiplicative process
multi-stage estimation
multi-stage sample
multi-stage sampling
multi-stage sampling
multistate model
multi-temporal model
multi-valued decision
multivariate analysis of variance table
multivariate analysis of variance
multivariate analysis
multivariate beta distribution
multivariate binomial distribution
multivariate Burr's distribution
multivariate distribution
multivariate exponential distribution
multivariate F-distribution
multivariate hypergeometric distribution
multivariate inverse hypergeometric distribution
multivariate L1-mean
multivariate moment
multivariate multinomial distribution
multivariate negative binomial distribution
multivariate negative hypergeometric distribution
multivariate normal distribution
multivariate Pareto distribution
multivariate Pascal distribution
multivariate Poisson distribution
multivariate Pólya distribution
multivariate power series distribution
multivariate processes
multivariate quality control
multivariate signed rank test
multivariate Tchebyshev inequalities
Murthy's estimator


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