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Bachelier process
background information
backward equations
backward process
BACON algorithm
Bagai's Y1 statistic
Bahadur efficiency
balanced bootstrap
balanced confounding
balanced differences
balanced factorial experimental design
balanced incomplete block
balanced lattice square
balanced repeated replication
balanced sample
ballot theory
Banach's match problem
band chart
bandit problems
bar chart
bar graph
Barnard's Monte Carlo test
Barndorff-Nielsen's formula
Bartholomew's problem
Bartlett adjustment
Bartlett correction
Bartlett relation
Bartlett-Diananda test
Bartlett-Lewis model
Bartlett's collinearity test
Bartlett's decomposition
Bartlett's matrix-identity
Bartlett's test of second order interaction
Bartlett's test
base line
base period
base reversal test
base weight
baseline hazard
basic cell
Basu's theorem
batch variation
Bates-Neyman model
bathtub curve
battery of tests
Baule's equation
Bayes' decision rule
Bayes' estimation
Bayes' factor
Bayes information criterion
Bayes' postulate
Bayes' risk
Bayes' solution
Bayes' strategy
Bayes' theorem
Bayesian confidence interval
Bayesian inference using Gibbs sampling
Bayesian inference
Bayesian interval
Bayesian network
Bayesian probability point
Bayesian survival model
BCa confidence interval
Beall-Rescia generalisation of Neyman's distribution
Beall-Rescia generalization of Neyman's distribution
Bechhofer's indifference zone method
behavioural decision function
Behrens' method
Behrens-Fisher problem
Behrens-Fisher test
belief network
Bellman-Harris process
bell-shaped curve
Beran's tests
Berge's inequality
Berkeley Madonna
Berksonian line
Berkson's error model
Berkson's fallacy
Bernoulli distribution
Bernoulli numbers
Bernoulli polynomial
Bernoulli trials
Bernoulli variation
Bernoulli walk
Bernoulli's theorem
Bernstein's inequality
Bernstein's theorem
Berry's inequality
Bessel function distribution
Bessel functions
Bessel's correction
best asymptotically normal estimator
best critical region
best estimator
best fit
best linear unbiased estimator
beta coefficients
beta distribution
beta error
beta probability plot
beta-binomial distribution
beta-gamma distribution
beta-prime distribution
beta-Stacy distribution
beta-Whittle distribution
better same order bias estimator
between-groups variance
Bhattacharyya bounds
Bhattacharyya's distance
biased coin design
biased estimator
biased sample
biased test
bias-variance trade-off
Bickel-Hodges estimator
Bienaymé-Tchebychev inequality
bifactor model
bilateral exponential
bilinear model
bimodal distribution
binary data
binary experiment
binary logistic regression
binary longitudinal data
binary sequence
binary variable
Bingham's distribution
binomial distribution
binomial index of dispersion
binomial probability paper
binomial variation
binomial waiting time distribution
bioequivalence test
biological assay
BioMeDical Package
biometric functions
bipolar factor
Birnbaum-Raymond-Zuckerman inequality
Birnbaum's inequality
Birnbaum-Saunders distribution
Birnbaum-Tingey distribution
birth and death process
birth process
birth rate
birth, death and immigration process
biserial correlation
Bissinger distributions
bivariate beta distribution
bivariate binomial distribution
bivariate Cauchy distribution
bivariate distribution of two discrete variables
bivariate distribution
bivariate exponential distribution
bivariate F-distribution
bivariate gamma distribution
bivariate hypergeometric distribution
bivariate logarithmic distribution
bivariate logarithmic series distribution
bivariate multinomial distribution
bivariate negative binomial distribution
bivariate normal distribution
bivariate Pareto distribution
bivariate Pascal distribution
bivariate Poisson distribution
bivariate sign test
bivariate 'Student' distribution
bivariate type II distribution
bivariate uniform distribution
bivector multinomial distribution
Black-Scholes formula
Blackwell's theorem
Blakeman's criterion
block diagram
blocked adaptive computationally-efficient outliers nominators
Blom's method
Blum approximation
Blum-Kiefer-Rosenblatt independence test
Bock's three component model
body mass index
Bonferroni inequality
Bonferroni rule
Boolean factor analysis
Boole-Bonferroni-Fréchet inequality
Boole's inequality
bootstrap aggregation
bootstrap methods
bootstrap test
Borel-Cantelli lemmas
Borel-Tanner distribution
Borges' approximation
Bose distribution
Bose-Einstein statistics
bounded completeness
Bowley index
box and whisker plot
box plot
Box-Cox transformation
Box-Jenkins model
Box-Jenkins model
Box-Müller transformation
Box's test
Bradford distribution
Bradford Hill's guidelines
Bradley-Terry model
branch and bound methods
branching Markov process
branching Poisson process
branching process
branching renewal process
Brandt-Snedecor method
Bravais correlation coefficient
break point
breakdown bound
Breslow estimator
Breslow-Day test
Brownian bridge
Brownian motion process
Brown-Mood procedure
Brown's method
Bruceton method
Brunk's test
brushing scatterplots
Buffon's needle
bulk sampling
bunch map analysis
Burke's theorem
Burkholder approximation
Burr's distribution
busy period
Butler-Smirnov test
Buys Ballot table


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