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Statistical Science for a Better World


President’s Message – November 2019

In his November message, ISI President John Bailer focuses on the new ISI Work Group on Data Science and involving others in the ISI. More>>

Published 15 November 2019


Director’s Message - November 2019

The end of 2019 is in sight and that means a busy agenda for the ISI and its Associations. In her November message, ISI Director Ada van Krimpen informs the ISI community about a number of forthcoming activities following from the ISI Strategy 2017-2021. More>>

Published 15 November 2019


ISI WSC 2021 – 63rd ISI World Statistics Congress

Published 13 November 2019


ISI Committee on the Public Voice of Statistics

One of the strategic goals of the ISI is to strengthen and extend the public voice of statistics and statisticians. The ISI Council has therefore approved a new committee to implement this goal. Detailed information about the work of the Committee on the Public Voice of Statistics and its composition can be found here.

Published 18 November 2019


IAOS/ ISI/ Zambia CSO 2020 Conference “Better Lives 2030: Mobilising the power of data for Africa and the world” – Call for Papers

The IAOS, ISI and Republic of Zambia Central Statistical Office are pleased to announce the call for papers for the 2020 Conference “Better Lives 2030: Mobilising the power of data for Africa and the world; bringing together statisticians and all those in government, universities and education who care about the value of statistics to society”. More>>

Published 11 October 2019


ISI-IFC High Level Meeting on Data Governance for Director Generals of National Statistical Offices in Africa and for Directors of National Central Banks

The High Level Meeting will take place on 22 November 2019 in Tunis, Tunisia. Its main objective is to share innovative solutions in data collection, discuss open issues in data management, address data dissemination challenges and raise the importance of data to support evidence-based economic policy. More>>

Published 13 November 2019


Succes of the ISI & Esri Student Poster Competition 2018/19

The ISI & Esri Student Poster Competition 2018/19 was a big success: Esri and ISI will run the competition again in conjunction with the ISI WSC 2021 More>>

Published 14 November 2019


In Memoriam

Published 12 November 2019



Published 15 November 2019


News from ISI Special Interest Group on Sports Statistics – November 2019

  • Scientific activities
  • Teaching activities
  • Dissemination activities

Published 12 November 2019


BS News November 2019

  • Donations welcome for the Young Researcher Outreach Award
  • LARC-SLAPEM General Assembly at XV CLAPEM
  • Bernoulli-EMS Lecture at the 8th ECM
  • Workshop on Probabilistic Coupling and Geometry (Kendall’s 65th Birthday)

Published 15 November 2019


IAOS News November 2019

  • Young Statisticians Prize 2020
  • Zambia 2020 IAOS-ISI Conference “Better Lives 2030: Mobilising the power of data for Africa and the world”
  • Statistical Journal of the IAOS

Published 14 November 2019


IASC News November 2019

  • Cancelled: 2019 IASC-ARS Conference – 2-5 December 2019, Hong Kong
  • LACSC 2020: 5th Latin American Conference on Statistical Computing
  • 3rd LARS-IASC School on Computational Statistics and Data Science
  • News from the IASC Executive Committee

Published 12 November 2019


IASS News November 2019

  • New IASS Officers 2019-2021 elected
  • The Survey Statistician
  • Upcoming conferences on survey statistics and related areas

Published 12 November 2019


ISBIS News November 2019

ISI members are welcome to read and comment on the post by Ron Kenett on "A pragmatic view on the role of Statistics and statisticians in modern Data Analytics" available in the ISBIS blog.

Published 15 November 2019


TIES News November 2019

  • TIES Board of Directors election results
  • 29th Conference of The International Environmetrics Society (TIES’20)
  • Abdel El-Shaarawi Early Investigator Award 2020: Call for Nominations

Published 14 November 2019


IUSSP Expert Group Meeting on Population Data for the 21st century: Advances in data collection methodologies

The International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP) Expert Group Meeting will take place at the UNFPA headquarters in New York from 4 to 6 December 2019. It will bring together key researchers, practitioners and institutions innovating in data collection methodologies... More>>

Published 18 November 2019


Chevening Africa Media Freedom Fellowship (CAMFF)

The Chevening Africa Media Freedom Fellowship (CAMFF) is aimed at mid-senior level African professionals with demonstrable leadership skills in their fields, which may include public servants working in areas of media policy and regulatory frameworks, or media professionals such as journalists. More>>

Published 18 November 2019


News archive

ISI Advisory Board on Ethics

Role and Objectives

After the adoption of the ISI Declaration on Professional Ethics by the ISI Council in July 2010 the ISI Executive Committee decided to establish an Advisory Board on Professional Ethics to advise the Executive Committee and Council on relevant ethical issues and to recommend or undertake activities for promoting observance of ethical principles in statistics.

Terms of Reference

A draft of the Terms of Reference was discussed with the ISI Council, as well as in a meeting with Heads of NSOs, in August 2011 during the ISI WSC 2011. The Terms of Reference were subsequently revised. The ISI membership will find the revised Terms of Reference of the ISI Advisory Board on Ethics here.

Current Composition



Association Affiliation 

Stephen Penneck   UK   ISI


Shelley Hurwitz USA  IASE 
H.W. Fung Hong Kong  IAOS, IASS 
Irena Križman Slovenia  IAOS 
David Morganstein USA  IASS 
Sibylle von Oppeln-Bronikowski        Germany                         
Rolando Rebolledo Mexico BS
Jan Robert Suesser Switzerland          IAOS
Awa Thiongane Senegal IAOS, IASE, IASS
Dennis Trewin Australia IAOS, IASS
Denise Silva Brazil IASS
Liaison with EC: The chair liaises with the ISI President
ISI PO Communications Liaison: Liliana Happel 

Reports and Links


Professional Ethics


The ISI is concerned to raise and maintain professional ethical standards in statistics across the world.

As a Non-Government Organization (NGO) it can take actions which may be politically difficult for other organisations.  We have adopted the ISI Declaration on Professional Ethics and set up an Advisory Board on Ethics to advise on compliance with the Declaration.  The ISI considers submissions on ethical issues, issues statement and works with other organisation to raise and maintain ethical standards within the statistics profession.

On these pages you will find:

Roles and strategies on Professional Ethics

The ISI Declaration on Professional Ethics

The ISI Advisory Board on Ethics

ISI Statements and Letters Concerning Statistical Ethics

Relevant Links

ISI Association Awards


ISI Associations also have awards and competitions. Some take place every year and may be presented at an Association conference. All Associations have the opportunity to present their awards at the Awards Ceremony during the WSC week. For detailed information on each award, please follow the links provided below.


Bernoulli Society Prizes:

Wolfgang Doeblin Prize 

Prize for Outstanding Survey Article in Probability or Mathematical Statistics 

Itô Prize

Francisco Aranda-Ordaz Prize 

Ethel Newbold Prize 

BS New Researcher Award 


International Association of Official Statistics Prizes:

IAOS Prize for Young Statisticians


International Association for Statistical Computing Awards & Prizes:

Data Analysis Competition 

Homage Award


International Association for Statistical Education Awards & Prizes:

Best ICOTS paper by an early career author

International Statistical Literacy Project

Poster Competition

Best Cooperative Project Award


International Association for Survey Statisticians Prizes:

Cochran-Hansen Prize


International Society for Business and Industrial Statistics Awards:

Young Statistician Award for the Best Paper

Best y-BIS Poster Awards


The International Environmetrics Society Awards:

Abdel El-Shaarawi Young Researcher's Award

ISI Awards


The ISI has prizes and awards that it presents every two years at its biennial World Statistics Congresses. Announcements for nominations, criteria and rules are available during the year before the WSCs. Selection of recipients takes place months prior to the WSCs. The prizes and awards are presented at the WSC Awards Ceremony. The ISI Awards Committee assists in the setting up of criteria, processes and selection committees for various awards, and helps in the coordination of the Awards Ceremony for ISI and Association Awards. For detailed information on each award, please follow the links provided below.

Mahalanobis International Award in Statistics

The Mahalanobis International Award is sponsored by the Government of India. It is awarded to a statistician from a developing country in recognition of lifetime achievements in Statistics and the promotion of best statistical practices in a developing country or countries.


Karl Pearson Prize for Contemporary Research Contribution

The ISI’s Karl Pearson Prize recognizes a contemporary research contribution, published within the last three decades, that has had profound influence on statistical theory, methodology, practice, or applications. The prize is sponsored by Elsevier B.V.


Jan Tinbergen Competition for Young Statisticians

The Jan Tinbergen Awards are for best papers by young statisticians addressing statistical problems of real relevance in building statistical capacity in countries with limited statistical infrastructure.


International Prize in Statistics

The International Prize in Statistics is given every other year by the International Prize in Statistics Foundation, which is comprised of representatives from the American Statistical Association, International Biometric Society, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, International Statistical Institute and Royal Statistical Society.


ISI & Esri Student Poster Competition

The ISI-Esri Student Poster competition was launched in 2018 with the aim to promote research, encourage spatial thinking and Inspire curiosity about statistical spatial analysis, geographic patterns, and geocomputing.The competition is sponsored by Esri and ISI. Prizes are awarded to first, second and third-place participants. The awards ceremony takes place during the ISI World Statistics Congress.

Service awards

Service awards are awarded for outstanding service to the ISI and the statistical community. They are selected by the EC. The ISI Awards Committee has the opportunity to suggest candidates.




ISI Satellite Meetings


Satellite Meetings take place before or after the WSC and are usually organised by the ISI Associations and other groups. Proposals for a satellite meeting can be submitted by an ISI Association, Committee, an organisation or an individual. The organiser is responsible for all organisational aspects of the meeting, including publication of the meetings on the ISI/WSC website.

One criterion for designation as a satellite meeting is that the location can be easily reached from the WSC location. A satellite meeting can last for 2-3 days. There must be at least one day before or after the WSC to allow for travel by participants.

Satellite meetings are topic specific congresses organised in a place reasonably close to the WSC venue. Satellites are usually, but not necessarily, affiliated with the ISI or one of the ISI Associations or Committees. Satellites need the approval of the ISI Executive Committee. Satellites are open to all who wish to participate and are advertised on the ISI/WSC websites.


Guidelines for ISI Satellite Meetings

A proposal for a Satellite Meeting should be submitted to the ISI Director. The proposal requires approval by the Executive Committee after consultation of the SPC. The decision by the EC will be based on the preliminary programme for the meeting and the following considerations:


  • Satellites are usually, but not necessarily, affiliated with the ISI or one of the ISI Associations or Committees. Participation by ISI or Associations' members in the programme or organising committee is encouraged. The EC or ISI Director can assist in identifying suitable members. If the Satellite Meeting is under the name of the ISI or an ISI Committee, rather than an Association, the Programme Committee must have an ISI elected member to represent the ISI.

  • The Satellite Meeting should be approved by the appropriate Association if the topic covers the area of an Association and if the Association decides not to organise or sponsor it. Applications for Satellite Meeting status should be submitted to the ISI Executive Committee 12 months in advance of the WSC.

  • The Satellite Meeting should take place in a city reasonably close to the ISI WSC in order to be considered a Satellite Meeting.

  • If the meeting is accepted by the ISI as a Satellite Meeting, the ISI will assist in advertising the meeting through the ISI and WSC websites. The ISI can also provide advice on how to organise the meeting, however, the meeting should not rely on financial support from the ISI.

  • It is anticipated that the papers and oral presentations will be available in English. The Satellite Meeting will produce proceedings either as hard copy, DVD or web-based. The proceedings should be provided to the ISI.

  • The Satellite Meeting may not take place during the ISI WSC. It should be scheduled to take place at least one day before or after the official WSC dates in order to allow participants of both meetings to travel.



Developing Countries


The list of developing countries shown below is adhered to by the ISI, effective from 1 January until 31 December 2019.

World Bank Country Classifications

GNI per capita as calculated by the World Bank Atlas method, 2018-11-15

Used data.worldbank.org for 2019 membership fees














Papua New Guinea














Iran, Islamic Rep.

Russian Federation









São Tomé and Principe




Bosnia and Herzegovina





Sierra Leone


Korea, Dem Rep.

Solomon Islands




Burkina Faso

Kyrgyz Republic

South Africa



South Sudan

Cabo Verde


Sri Lanka



St. Lucia



St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Central African Republic




Macedonia, Republic of Northern







Syrian Arab Republic




Congo, Dem. Rep



Congo, Rep.



Costa Rica

Marshall Islands


Côte d'Ivoire













Micronesia, Fed. Sts.


Dominican Republic






Egypt, Arab Rep.



El Salvador








Venezuela, Bolivarian Rep. of






Palestine, State of 

Gambia, The


Yemen, Rep.










Countries that are slightly over the amount of US$ 12.056 will be considered a developing country for the year 2019 and their situation will be reviewed for 2020.

The designations employed and the presentation of country or area names in this list do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the ISI concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries.

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