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ISI General Assembly


The ISI General Assembly is made up of the ISI members and meets during the ISI World Statistics Congresses. Proposals from the ISI Executive Committee and Council are presented to the membership during the ISI General Assembly and subsequently the members may vote. The Report of the ISI Executive Committee to the General Assembly presents the activities and financial summaries of the previous two years and is provided at the meeting. The Executive Committees of the ISI Sections also have an opportunity to present to the ISI General Assembly. ISI members can present questions during the meeting.

ISI 2017 App Available to Download!


Please download the ISI 2017 App from the App Store for iPhones and the Play Store for Android mobile phones.

The first-ever WSC app includes:

·         scientific programme including abstracts

·         side and special events schedule

·         biographies of the delegates

·         conference information

·         venue information and venue floor plans

·         messages & chats

·         sponsors & exhibitors

·         my agenda & notes for your personal use!


If you have any questions or comments about the app, please stop by the ISI office (room A004) or booth (number 1 in platinum area 1) during the Congress.  

ISI Satellite Meetings 2019



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International Prize in Statistics



The biennial International Prize in Statistics is stewarded and managed by a foundation comprising representatives of the five major statistical organizations working cooperatively to develop this prestigious award: the American Statistical Association, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, International Biometric Society, International Statistical Institute, and Royal Statistical Society.

Mirroring the successful approach employed by other prestigious scientific prizes, the International Prize in Statistics recognizes an individual statistician or team of statisticians (groups of individuals working on similar ideas as teams of individuals or organizations) for “a single work or body of work.” This approach better enables the foundation to present the recognized work of each honoree to the public in a way that enhances understanding of the depth and scope of statistics and engenders widespread appreciation for its beneficial impact on modern life.

Powerful and original ideas will be the focus of the award, but a corollary practical and positive effect on the world’s population will be factored into the selection criteria. Examples could include the implementation of statistical surveys or analyses or the development of groundbreaking software systems that are of great benefit to mankind.

The goal of the foundation is to present the honoree(s) with a level of monetary award that will give the statistics prize credibility with the media and public around the world and put it on par with other prominent science awards, including the Nobel Prizes, the Clay Millennium Prizes, the Abel Prizes, and the Shaw Prizes. These aforementioned awards annually garner significant attention from the media and public, as well as significant respect from other scientists.

The International Prize in Statistics will be awarded every other year at the International Statistical Institute-hosted World Statistics Congress. Media outreach and government leader and celebrity involvement in the award ceremony will be pursued aggressively, with the ultimate goal being to enhance public understanding of the depth and scope of statistics.

See more at: statprize.org


Call for Nominations

See statprize.org


The 2019 International Prize in Statistics Awarded to Stanford's Bradley Efron


Bradley Efron Prof. Bradley Efron

The International Prize in Statistics has been awarded to Bradley Efron, professor of statistics and biomedical data science at Stanford University, in recognition of the "bootstrap," a method he developed in 1977 for assessing the uncertainty of scientific results that has had extraordinary impact across many scientific fields. Announcement



The 2017 International Prize in Statistics Awarded to Sir David Cox for Survival Analysis Model Applied in Medicine, Science, and Engineering.


Sir David Cox Sir David Cox

Prominent British statistician Sir David Cox has been named the inaugural recipient of the International Prize in Statistics. Like the acclaimed Fields Medal, Abel Prize, Turing Award and Nobel Prizes, the International Prize in Statistics is considered the highest honor in its field. It will be bestowed every other year to an individual or team for major achievements using statistics to advance science, technology, and human welfare. Announcement


Contribute to the ISI


The ISI and Associations offer several opportunities for contributions to the societies' programmes.

International Statistical Institute

ISI Outreach Fund

The ISI Outreach Fund enables statisticians from developing countries to participate in the ISI World Statistics Congress and other events. The participants are selected on the basis of their contributions and expected impact on the statistical capacity in their home country.
International Statistical Institute

ISI General Donations Fund

The ISI General Donation Fund is used for the promotion of the statistical profession. Examples are promotional videos and materials.
International Statistical Institute

ISI Fund for the Women’ Statistical Literacy (WSL) Project

The ISI Statistical Capacity Building (SCB) Committee invites ISI members to support, through donations, the project "WSL - Women's Statistical Literacy". The aim is to increase statistical literacy of women in developing countries, through hands-on courses devoted to increasing statistical skills in data management and visualization, using basic statistical tools and open source software.  The project stems from the work started by Eric Vance (member of the SCB Committee and founder of LISA - Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis) and Tinuke Adebanji who organized a workshop in Kumasi (Ghana) on "Building Capacity of Female Scientists in Data Analysis for Decision Making and Strategic Planning". The ISI SCB Committee is planning to organize a second course in Ghana and is looking for new locations in Africa and elsewhere.
BS Young Researcher Outreach Fund

BS Young Researcher Outreach Fund

The Fund finances the travel and accommodation of young researchers from developing countries (as per the World Bank classification) to attend the Bernoulli-IMS 10th World Congress in Probability and Statistics (17-21 Aug, 2020), including the Pre-meeting for Young Researchers (15-16 Aug, 2020) in Seoul, South Korea.
IASS Cochran-Hansen Prize Fund

IASS Cochran-Hansen Prize Fund

The prize is awarded every two years for the best paper on survey research methods submitted by a young statistician from a developing or transition country. The Cochran- Hansen Prize consists of books and journal subscriptions in the value of € 500. In addition,  the prize winner is invited to present his/her paper at the World Statistics Congress of the ISI. The fund will be used to buy books and to cover awardee's travel expenses to attend the WSC.
IASC Young Researcher Travel Fund

IASC Young Researcher Travel Fund

The IASC Young Researcher Travel Fund provides partial travel support to young IASC members from developing countries aged 35 or younger to attend an IASC-sponsored event (such as a conference, workshop, school, or other). Preference will be given to young researchers from these countries who are in financial need and actively participate at the event as a speaker, poster presenter, or in another active role.


IASC Young Researcher Fund

IASC Development Fund

The IASC Development Fund supports young researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate students who are IASC members as deemed appropriate by the IASC Executive Committee.
IASC Young Researcher Fund

TIES Abdel El-Shaarawi Early Investigator’s Award

The award was established through a motion of the Board of Directors in 2001 (proposed by Francis Philbert) and subsequent definition of the nature of the award. “ I [ Francis Philbert] move that as a fitting recognition of, and show of appreciation for, Abdel’s outstanding contribution and dedication to TIES, he be honored by our establishment of an annual award or lectureship in his name.” The prestigious AEEI award 2019 is granted to an early investigator, who is a TIES member for the previous and actual year of the award conferment, and has received their PhD within 12 years of the submission deadline for nominations. The award includes the following items: 1. Certificate 2. TIES/WSC conference registration (it depends on which conference takes place on that particular year). 3. Cash award (€1000). The award recipient is invited to make a presentation at the regional TIES or WSC conference.





ISI Committee on the Public Voice of Statistics


One of the strategic goals for the ISI is to strengthen and extend the public voice of statistics and statisticians. The ISI Council has therefore approved a new committee to implement this goal. A variety of areas of importance have been identified.


Voice in the scientific community

Statisticians have not been well represented in the international scientific organizations. For example, there is no statistical representation in the International Science Council (ISC), the main international body of scientific organizations. This council impacts international action on issues of major scientific and public importance. To give the statistical community a stronger voice in this context, the ISI has applied for affiliated membership in ISC.


Voice in education

Many primary and secondary students have little understanding of what a statistician does. The International Statistical Literacy Project (ISLP) is a project initiated by the ISI association IASE. ISLP contributes to promoting statistical literacy across the world, among young and adults, in all walks of life, by providing an online repository of international resources and news in Statistical Literacy, international activities to promote the resources and the individuals and institutions behind them, and outreach activities to increase awareness.

The International Data Science in Schools Project (IDSSP)  supported by ACM, ASA, RSS, SSC, SSA, ISI and NZSA, is aiming to enhance the capability of all people to learn from data and make decisions in the presence of uncertainty, and inspire many more students towards further study of data science, in turn dramatically increasing the flow of data-science-capable specialists into the workforce.


Voice in public

Traditionally, science communication and public education has involved one or more scientists presenting to groups of students or members of the general public in outreach lectures. While such approaches certainly have value, they reach a limited audience that is generally interested in science. They are also typically very local in nature. In order to reach a general audience we need to work on reaching the providers of information. One issue we need to work on worldwide is to help journalists understand statistics. We will work with the new committee on Communicating Statistics and Data Science to develop half- and full-day courses in statistical thinking for journalists and other communicators.

Podcasts, blogs and YouTube channels are common (and often effective) ways to connect statistical ideas to a general audience. We are developing a page of links to valuable resources of this kind in different languages.


Promoting best practices

ISI supports the move towards open data, to the extent possible, and towards reproducible research. We will work with the ISI Publications committee to ensure the all journals of the Institute and its Associations meed the highest standards of data availability and reproducible research.

Recently there has been a lot of debate regarding the use and misuse of statistics in different scientific areas. In particular, the ubiquitous (and often incorrect) use of P-values has been subject to much discussion. We are developing a web page with links to different voices in this debate.


Steering committee

Peter Guttorp, USA/Norway (Chair)
Nancy Garcia, Brazil
Andrew Gelman, USA
Bronwyn Harch, Australia
Denise Lievesley, UK
Victor Panaretos, Switzerland


2nd ISI Regional Statistics Conference


The ISI Regional Statistics Conference (RSC) 2017 was held in Bali, Indonesia, 21-24 March 2017. It was organized by the ISI and itsSouth East Asia Regional Network (ISI-SEA Network) in collaboration with Bank Indonesia (BI) as the co-host, and supported by Badan Pusat Statistik (Statistics Indonesia), Ikatan Perstatistikan Indonesia (Association of Indonesia Statistician), and Forum Masyarakat Statistik (Indonesia Statistics Community Forum).

This second ISI Regional Statistics Conference (ISI RSC 2017) was a three-day conference preceded by the ECB-BIS-BI Regional Seminar on Central Banking Statistics, the Irving Fisher Committee (IFC)-BI Satellite Seminar on Big Data, and short courses. The Main Conference program was held from 22 to 24 March 2017 in Bali International Conference Center, Nusa Dua, Bali. The conference theme “Enhancing Statistics, Prospering Human Life” was chosen to encourage researchers and practitioners who are actively involved in statistical science in academia, industry, national statistical offices, national and international agencies, central banks, as well as users, to participate in discussions on how statistics may contribute to prosper human life. The conference theme was wide enough to accommodate participants with diverse interests. A total of 400 delegates participated in the conference. There were three Plenary Sessions, and parallel sessions discussed 193 papers in 29 Invited Paper Sessions (IPS) and 34 Contributed Paper Sessions (CPS).



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