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A History of the International Statistical Institute 1885-1960

In this book J.W. Nixon recorded the developments of the International Statistical Institute on the occasion of its 75th anniversary.
He has not restricted his task to a review of the scientific achievements of the Institute but has, often in great detail, also described the organizational and administrative changes that have occurred in the society.
The publication shows the rich history of the Institute and contains photographs of many memorable events of the ISI.
This is a digitalised publication of the book, which was published by the ISI in 1960, only available online.
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The Training of Researchers in the Use of Statistics

A Round Table Conference on "The Training of Researchers in the Use of Statistics" was held at the Institute of Statistical Mathematics in Tokyo, Japan on August 7-11, 2000, sponsored by the IASE, the ISI, the Japanese Institute of Statistics and the Japanese Statistical Society. In 2001, a book was published with the conference papers and discussions. We hope this book will serve as a starting point for other faculty, researchers and statistics educators to change their teaching approaches, to increase the interest to collaborate in applied research and to start new research on the statistical training of researchers in empirical sciences.

Book reference:
Training Researchers in the Use of Statistics
IASE Round Table Conference, Tokyo 2000 (published 2001)
Edited by Carmen Batanero,
ISBN 90-73592-19-4
Published by: International Association for Statistical Education (IASE),
International Statistical Institute (ISI)
Price: US$ 25, including postage.

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Statisticians of the Centuries


The ISI publication 'Statisticians of the Centuries', edited by Professor Chris Heyde and Eugene Seneta.

This excellent work is published by Springer Verlag on behalf of ISI, in both hard and soft cover versions. The prices for ISI/ISI Section members are US$ 26.47 and US$ 40.17 respectively (prices quoted do not include postage and taxes) as ISI and its Section members are entitled to a 33% discount (the prices stated above include the percentage discounts). To apply for this discount you have to identify yourself as an ISI or ISI Section member and refer to Promo Code "ISI". Orders may be placed electronically via the following e-mail addresses:

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Statistical Publishing


Proceedings of the Satellite Conference held in Warsaw, Poland on August 23–24, 1999



Voorburg, The Netherlands/Warsaw, Poland: International Statistical Institute/Polish Central Statistical Office (GUS), 2000, pp. iv + 88, soft cover. ISBN 90-73592-17-8. Price: €10.

Recognising the importance of statistical publishing, both in the academic and official statistical community, particularly in light of recent developments in electronic dissemination, it was decided to organise an ISI conference on Statistical Publishing. Taking advantage of the timing and location of the 1999 Session in Helsinki, the conference took place in Warsaw, Poland.

With more than two hundred academic statistics journals being published, and in view of the increasing importance of official statistical publications, the conference presented a rich and varied examination of the many facets of this topic. Special attention was paid to the effects of electronic dissemination, in particular as regards Internet and cd-rom publications.

These Proceedings contain all the papers presented during the conference.

See also 1999 Warsaw Conference (zip) © ISI

A Dictionary of Statistical Terms

The sixth edition of the Dictionary of Statistical Terms is now complete. This publication has been edited by Professor Yadolah Dodge (Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland) and is published by Oxford University Press. To order this publication, please visit the following website:
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Identifying the Poor


Papers on Measuring Poverty to Celebrate the Bicentenary of the Publication in 1797 of "The State of the Poor" by Sir Frederick Morton Eden

Edited by: F.G. Pyatt (Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands), and M. Ward (The World Bank, Washington)

Technical Editors: D. Berze and M. Van den Broecke (ISI)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: IOS Press, 1999, pp. ix + 233. ISBN 90 5199 451 6.

Poverty has long been recognised as a socio-economic problem. Objective analysis of a quantitative nature are a crucial prerequisite to understanding the nature of poverty, where social and personal sentiments play a role of their own, next to political considerations. On of the first comprehensive attempts to assess the nature of poverty with a view to alleviate its consequences was a three volume series by Sir Frederick Morton Eden in 1797 entitled The State of the Poor. Next to an evaluation of Morton Eden’s significance then and now, this book discusses how perceptions of poverty have developed since that time. A proper understanding of the causes of poverty, indispensable for developing policies to alleviate it, requires a quantitative grasp on the subject that only statistics can provide. The present book provides eloquent proofs of this necessity, not from a single, static point of view, but from differing perspectives.

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The Assessment Challenge in Statistics Education

Editors: I. Gal (University of Haifa, Israel), and J.B. Garfield (University of Minnesota, USA)

Technical Editor: Matthew Segaard

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: IOS Press, 1997, pp. xii + 284, hard cover. ISBN 90 5199 333 1. Price: €10.

The book discusses conceptual and pragmatic issues in the assessment of statistical knowledge and reasoning skills among students at the college and pre-college levels, and the use of assessments to improve instruction. The book is written by international leading researchers and educators. It was designed primarily for academic audiences involved in teaching statistics and mathematics, and in teacher education and training. The book is divided into four sections (1) Assessment goals and frameworks, (2) Assessing conceptual understanding of statistical ideas, (3) Innovative models for classroom assessments, and (4) Assessing understanding of probability.

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Compstat 1990


Proceedings in Computational Statistics, 9th Symposium held in Dubrovnik, 1990


Edited by: Konstantin Momirovic and Vesna Mildner (University of Zagreb)

Heidelberg, Germany: Physica-Verlag by order of the IASC, 1990, pp. 336, soft cover. ISBN 3-7908-0475-4. Compstat Proceedings are still available from 1974 onwards. Details can be requested from Physica-Verlag.

A century has passed since the introduction of automatic computing in statistics. In fact, at the first ISI session in 1885, Herman Hollerith showed his tabulating machine to representatives of statistical offices from across the world. That machine was largely used in the analysis of census data, and at the end of the last century it gave birth to Computational Statistics.

The Compstat Symposium was organised by a group of independent statisticians at Vienna, Austria 1984. Since 1980, the Compstat Symposia have been patronised by the European section of the IASC (International Association for Statistical Computing). Each volume of the Compstat Proceedings contains about 70 papers which are selected by a scientific committee from up to 200–300 submitted abstracts.


Training Teachers to Teach Statistics


Proceedings of the International Statistical Institute Round Table Conference, Budapest, Hungary, 23–27 July, 1988


Edited by: Anne Hawkins (University of London)

Voorburg, The Netherlands: International Statistical Institute (with UNESCO), 1990, pp. xi + 297, hard cover. Price: €10.

In an effort to compile an informative and instructional guide to the teaching of statistics, Anne Hawkins has recorded and structured the dialogue and exchanges between an assembled group of curriculum experts, teachers, and research experts directly involved in statistics teacher training pilot projects in order that they may illustrate their findings and share their experiences.

Participants included key personnel in the Quantitative Literacy Project in the US as well as members of similar projects in the UK, Germany and other countries. A number of delegates from the developing countries are also represented and provide their personal insights into the specific difficulties that they have experienced as well as suggesting strategies to overcome these.

By including not only the keynote papers but also the comments and interchanges that these have provoked, the discussions have been reproduced in a style which preserves as much as possible the spontaneity and informality of the original sessions.


Research on the Role of Technology in Teaching and Learning Statistics


Proceedings of the 1996 IASE Round Table Conference, University of Granada, Spain, 23–27 July, 1996

Edited by: Joan B. Garfield (University of Minnesota, USA), and Gail Burrill (University of Wisconsin, USA)

Voorburg, The Netherlands: International Statistical Institute, 1997, pp. xi + 313. ISBN 90-73592-12-7. Price: US$ 30.

This volume consists of the proceedings of the 1996 IASE Round Table Conference, held in Granada, Spain. It contains twenty-one papers and five summaries of discussions, grouped into the following categories: (1) How technology is changing the teaching of statistics at the secondary level, (2) Developing exemplary software, (3) What we are learning from empirical research, (4) How technology is changing the teaching of statistics at the college level, and (5) Questions to be addressed on the role of technology in statistics education.

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Economic Statistics: Accuracy, Timeliness, and Relevance


Edited by: Zoltán Kenessey

Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis, 1997, pp. vii + 259, soft cover. ISBN 0-16-049117-7. Price: €20.

In September 1996, a conference was held in Washington, D.C. on "The Accuracy, Timeliness, and Relevance of Economic Statistics." The sponsoring organisations were the International Statistical Institute (isi initiated the project and co-ordinated the program); the Bureau of Economic Analysis (bea hosted the conference at its conference facility); and Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Communities (which provided indispensable support for the conference). These three organisations each provided two of the articles in this book, together with the studies included from Statistics Canada, the Statistics Bureau of Japan, the Indonesian Central Bureau of Statistics, and the International Monetary Fund. This volume, in addition to these studies and the comments by the discussants of the papers, includes the luncheon address of Professor Robert Eisner from Northwestern University, the remarks of the imf First Deputy Managing Director, Dr. Stanley Fischer, and the review by Messrs. Hermann Habermann and Stefan Schweinfest from the UN Statistical Division at the closing session of the conference.

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The Future of Statistics: An International Perspective


Edited by: Zoltán Kenessey

Voorburg, The Netherlands: International Statistical Institute, 1994, pp. vi + 296, soft cover. ISBN 90 73592-10-9.

The volume contains Proceedings of the "Long Term Perspectives of International Statistics" conference held in Voorburg, 1994. It encompasses eight studies prepared for the conference, the text of the invited discussants' papers, an introductory overview by the editor and the concluding address by a Vice President of ISI. The conference was sponsored by ISI, Statistics Netherlands, Central Planning Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands and Eurostat.

Only available online


Demographic Problems of Countries Changing to a Market Economy


Edited by: Zoltán Kenessey

This Book is based on a ISI Cutting Edge Conference which was held in Seoul, Korea entitled “Demographic Problems of Countries Changing to a Market Economy”.

As organizer it is my first and sencerely pleasant duty to express muchh gratitude to the local host of the conference, the National Statistical Office of Korea, which had earded the widest recognition for the excellent local arrangements amosgst all participants. In addition, specoal thanks are due to Professor J.C. Lee for facilitating the holding of the Conference.

I believe the studies in this volume testify to the intellectual riches that wera displayed in Seoul at this conference. Indeed, Many thanks need to be expressed to the authors of all papers, to the discussants, chairpersons, etc. (as listed in the programme).

There are many specific matters coverd in the material shown, but one overriding message was conveyed: the transition to democracy and market economy must be to somthing better. In this context increased mortality and declines in life expectancy are scrious anomolies, which, in the end, may indermine the success of transition. We hope that the conference and this book can call sufficient attention to this important issue.

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