ISI Operational Committee On Statistical Capacity Building



Over the past few years, the ISI has been actively promoting statistical capacity in developing countries. Recent initiatives include: i) workshops for high-level official statisticians in Africa and Asia and ii) workshops for young statisticians in Benin, for practitioners in India, and on Environmental Statistics in Cape Town. These activities were funded in part by the World Bank with additional support from the African Development Bank and Korean Statistical Office in different cases.

There have also been discussions between the ISI and the African Group for Statistical Training and Capacity Building (AGROST) on other initiatives.

To accelerate our efforts, the ISI has launched a Committee on Statistical Capacity Building. 



Our objectives in statistical capacity building (SCB) include:

  • Enabling statistical practitioners in the public and private sectors to use state-of-the-art methods for data collection, analysis, and interpretation; and
  • Contributing to the development of statistical infrastructure and human resources in official, survey, and business statistics as well as in statistical education and research.



The Committee for SCB will advise the ISI Executive Committee on the planning, development, and implementation of appropriate initiatives. These will include:

  • Working with local and regional stakeholders to identify current efforts in SCB in that region and determining the added value that the ISI can provide
  • Working with statistical societies from developed countries to identify possible collaborations
  • Based on the above, developing recommendations for capacity building efforts in specific regions
  • Identifying fund-raising opportunities
  • Working with ISI EC, ISI Council, and leadership of other societies to finalize and implement the programs
  • Assessing the effectiveness of ongoing efforts and
  • Organizing appropriate meetings and facilitating discussions at the World Statistical Congress.


Composition of the Committee

  • Chair
  • Members: Representatives from developing regions where ISI expects to develop capacity building projects
  • Members: Representatives from developed regions covering different SCB activities
  • Representatives from ISI EC and Council
  • Institutional/Ex Officios: Liaisons from major statistical societies, such as ASA, RSS, etc.


Members of the ISI-Committee on Statistical Capacity Building


Irena Krizman, SLOVENIA  (former Director General Statistical Office Slovenia)

Fabrizio Ruggeri, ITALY (Research Director, Institute of Applied Mathematics & Information Technology of the National Research Council) 



Misha BELKINDAS, USA (Consultant, formerly with World Bank; IAOS)


Funding, World Bank

Grant CAMERON, USA (World Bank)


Funding, Africa

Oliver CHINGANYA, ETHIOPIA (Director African Center for Statistics, UNECA)


Arab world, environmetrics




Arnoldo FRIGESSI, NORWAY/ITALY (University of Oslo; Mentoring Program; BS)


South Asia

Anil GORE, INDIA (Consultant, Chair of ISI-South Asia Outreach Committee)


Short courses

Steven HEERINGA, USA (Survey Research Center, U Michigan; Incoming President-elect; IASE)


Agricultural statistics

Naman KEITA, ITALY (Retired: Former at FAO)


Industrial statistics

Jon KETTENRING, USA (Retired; Former President of AS; ISBIS)


International offices

Pali LEHOHLA, SOUTH AFRICA (Statistician General for Statistics South Africa)



Themba MUNALALA, ZAMBIA (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa)


Latin-America, Lusophone Africa

Denise SILVA, BRAZIL (Latin-American Region)


Francophone Africa

Jan Robert SUESSER, FRANCE (ISI-Council)



Royal Statistical Society

Iain WILTON, UK (Associate Director RSS; IASE)


International Biometric Society

Clarice DEMETRIO, BRAZIL (President IBS)


American Statistical Association




Pedro SILVA, Brazil (President ISI)

Ada VAN KRIMPEN (Director Permanent Office ISI)