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ISI Advisory Board on Ethics

Role and Objectives

After the adoption of the ISI Declaration on Professional Ethics by the ISI Council in July 2010 the ISI Executive Committee decided to establish an Advisory Board on Professional Ethics to advise the Executive Committee and Council on relevant ethical issues and to recommend or undertake activities for promoting observance of ethical principles in statistics.

Terms of Reference

A draft of the Terms of Reference was discussed with the ISI Council, as well as in a meeting with Heads of NSOs, in August 2011 during the ISI WSC 2011. The Terms of Reference were subsequently revised. The ISI membership will find the revised Terms of Reference of the ISI Advisory Board on Ethics here.

Current Composition



Association Affiliation 

Stephen Penneck   UK   ISI


Shelley Hurwitz USA  IASE 
H.W. Fung Hong Kong  IAOS, IASS 
Irena Križman Slovenia  IAOS 
David Morganstein USA  IASS 
Sibylle von Oppeln-Bronikowski        Germany                         
Rolando Rebolledo Mexico BS
Jan Robert Suesser Switzerland          IAOS
Awa Thiongane Senegal IAOS, IASE, IASS
Dennis Trewin Australia IAOS, IASS
Denise Silva Brazil IASS
Liaison with EC: The chair liaises with the ISI President
ISI PO Communications Liaison: Liliana Happel 

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