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ISI Committee on Women in Statistics


1. Objectives and Expected Products

  • To promote and strengthen the representation of women statisticians in the ISI and its Associations.
  • To help in providing opportunities for women members to assume active and visible roles in the ISI and other statistical associations.
  • To collect information on women in the statistical professions in different countries and to facilitate the flow of information among women statisticians.
  • To stimulate interest in statistics among women and encourage women students in schools and colleges to study statistics.
  • To support the compilation of statistics on women, with a view to generating relevant studies concerning women's roles in the various activities in their countries.

2. Composition

Chair: Diane Stukel (USA)

Members: TBA 

3. Supporting Network: Country Representatives



4. Reports 

Women in Statistics Networking Breakfast at ISI WSC 2017

Women in Statistics Networking Breakfast at ISI WSC 2015

CWS Report 2015

CWS Report 2014

CWS Report 2013

CWS Report 2011


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