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ISI Nominations Committee


The objective of this Committee is to select a slate of candidates for the ISI Executive Committee and elected members of the ISI Council in accordance with Art. 4.1 of ISI By-laws. The Executive Committee appoints the chair and the members of the Nominations Committee. This Committee reports to the ISI President. 

Terms of Reference (Art. 4.1 of ISI By-laws)

Operating Manual 

Current Composition

Chair Vijay Nair US/Malaysia ISBIS, BS
  Jairo Arrow South Africa IASS
  Andrej Blejec Slovenia IASE
  Clarice Demetrio Brazil  
  Eduardo Gutierez-Pena Mexico BS
  Mark Podolskij Denmark BS
  Mary Thompson Canada IASS
  Philip Yu Hong Kong SAR, China IASC
  Delia North South Africa IASE
  Haishan Fu US/China IAOS
  Shigeru Kawasaki Japan IAOS
Ex-officio Murray Cameron Australia (previous chair) IASC
  Ada van Krimpen Netherlands (ISI PO)  


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