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Bernoulli Society Membership Form 2019
Membership Application Form 2019 (A membership year runs from 1 January - 31 December)
New members paying via the Ogone payment website can use the temporary membership number 93000

Full membership fee €80 (developed countries)
Full membership fee €24 (developing countries)
Living in a Developed or Developing country joint BS-IMS US$150 (via IMS office)
We need your explicit approval for the use of your data for the administration of your membership. Without your approval we cannot accept your application. If you prefer that your name does appear on the website, please tick the second box.
We refer to the ISI Privacy Policy for more information.
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Subscription to Optional Publications

As a new member you can subscribe to several ISI and Associations publications at reduced rates. An overview of publications and subscription rates is available here.

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