ISI World Statistics Congresses


621nd WSC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2019The ISI World Statistics Congresses (WSC) take place once every two years in different countries and are usually organized by or in partnership with the host country's National Office of Statistics. The WSCs and their associated events are the highpoint of activities of the ISI where all our Associations, Committees, members and participants involved in statistics worldwide come together to participate in the many different activities and highlights of the WSC for an entire week and associated activities immediately before or after this week. The next ISI WSC is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 18-23 August 2019.

Each WSC has a rich Scientific Programme which is grouped into three types of sessions: invited paper sessions (IPS), special topic sessions (STS) and contributed and posters sessions (CPS).

A full Administrative Programme includes meetings of the Executive Committees, Councils, General Assemblies and Committees of the ISI and the Associations, and special interest meetings relevant to the particular WSC.

The local hosts put considerable effort into the Social Programme to make the WSC an event to remember and to give participants a flavour of the culture of the host country. The Social Programme also includes daytime activities for accompanying persons.

Associated with the WSC are Satellite Meetings and Short Courses of the ISI and the Associations. These take place in or close to the host city before and after the main WSC week and combine with the WSC to provide an overall outstanding international statistical event which is memorable in every way. There are also options for pre-organized tours.

Forthcoming ISI WSCs:

62nd ISI WSC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2019

63rd ISI WSC, The Hague, The Netherlands 2021


Past ISI WSCs:

61st ISI WSC, Marrakech, Morocco 2017

60th ISI WSC, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2015

ISI World Statistics Congresses Cities and Years

Proceedings of past ISI WSCs


Guide for Conference Organisers and Centers That Would Like to Host a WSC

Guidelines for ISI Satellite Meetings & Form to Submit your Approved Satellite Meeting

Key dates for IPS, STS and CPS