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Drs. René H.M. Smulders (1945-2010)


Rene Smulders



On Wednesday, 17th November 2010, ISI member René Smulders passed away. He had been seriously ill for some time.


From 1994-1996, René worked for the ISI Permanent Office as Assistant Director Research and he had a long career in Statistics Netherlands from 1968 until his retirement in 2009.

Many ISI members will have met René during one of the many ISI Sessions he attended and where he performed many roles as Organiser or author of Invited papers sessions and in other functions. René was an active member of the IAOS and IASE and always showed enthusiasm and commitment towards the international statistical work.

Unfortunately, René suffered from a devastating disease that appeared to be incurable after his retirement. We had wished him a wonderful time into his old age with his wife Livine, his kids and grandchildren. But this was not to be.


We will miss him and wish his family to take care with this loss.


On behalf of the ISI, we wish his family our sympathies.


Ada van Krimpen

ISI Director



1994-1996: I.S.I.: Assistant Director Research

Organising and programme committee DGINS/IAOS-conference “Statistics, a challenge for the future” (The Hague, The Netherlands, 1999).


1994-2010: elected member International Statistical Institute; member of the IAOS


- International Statistical Institute: organisation 50th ISI Session (Beijing, China, 1995).


- International Statistical Institute: organisation session with National Banks (50th ISI Session Beijing, China, 1995).


- International Statistical Institute: various contributions to the 51st ISI Session (IAOS/IASE; Istanbul, Turkey, 1997).


- International Statistical Institute: organisation session “Statistical training of people working in and with official statistics” (IAOS/IASE; 52nd ISI Session Helsinki, Finland, 1999).


- International Statistical Institute: International Programme Committee 6th International Conference on Teaching Statistics (IASE; Durban, South Africa, 1997- 2002).


- International Statistical Institute: various contributions to the 52nd ISI Session (IAOS/IASE); Seoul, South Korea, 2001.


- International Statistical Institute: various contributions to the 53rd ISI Session (IAOS/IASE); Berlin, Germany, 2003.


International Statistical Institute; various contributions to the 55th ISI Session (IAOS; STCP); Lisbon 2007

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