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Satellite Meetings take place before or after the WSC and are usually organised by the ISI Associations and other groups. Proposals for a satellite meeting can be submitted by an ISI Association, Committee, an organisation or an individual. The organiser is responsible for all organisational aspects of the meeting, including publication of the meetings on the ISI/WSC website.

One criterion for designation as a satellite meeting is that the location can be easily reached from the WSC location. A satellite meeting can last for 2-3 days. There must be at least one day before or after the WSC to allow for travel by participants.

Satellite meetings are topic specific congresses organised in a place reasonably close to the WSC venue. Satellites are usually, but not necessarily, affiliated with the ISI or one of the ISI Associations or Committees. Satellites need the approval of the ISI Executive Committee. Satellites are open to all who wish to participate and are advertised on the ISI/WSC websites.


Guidelines for ISI Satellite Meetings

A proposal for a Satellite Meeting should be submitted to the ISI Director. The proposal requires approval by the Executive Committee after consultation of the SPC. The decision by the EC will be based on the preliminary programme for the meeting and the following considerations:


  • Satellites are usually, but not necessarily, affiliated with the ISI or one of the ISI Associations or Committees. Participation by ISI or Associations' members in the programme or organising committee is encouraged. The EC or ISI Director can assist in identifying suitable members. If the Satellite Meeting is under the name of the ISI or an ISI Committee, rather than an Association, the Programme Committee must have an ISI elected member to represent the ISI.

  • The Satellite Meeting should be approved by the appropriate Association if the topic covers the area of an Association and if the Association decides not to organise or sponsor it. Applications for Satellite Meeting status should be submitted to the ISI Executive Committee 12 months in advance of the WSC.

  • The Satellite Meeting should take place in a city reasonably close to the ISI WSC in order to be considered a Satellite Meeting.

  • If the meeting is accepted by the ISI as a Satellite Meeting, the ISI will assist in advertising the meeting through the ISI and WSC websites. The ISI can also provide advice on how to organise the meeting, however, the meeting should not rely on financial support from the ISI.

  • It is anticipated that the papers and oral presentations will be available in English. The Satellite Meeting will produce proceedings either as hard copy, DVD or web-based. The proceedings should be provided to the ISI.

  • The Satellite Meeting may not take place during the ISI WSC. It should be scheduled to take place at least one day before or after the official WSC dates in order to allow participants of both meetings to travel.