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ISI Sponsorship policy (PDF)

Guidelines for Requests for Endorsement

The ISI will consider requests for endorsing events and conferences. Requests for endorsement should be submitted with the relevant information (see below) to the ISI Permanent Office at least three months in advance of the event´s starting date.

The following conditions must be satisfied for endorsement.

  • At least one institutional, corporate or affiliated ISI member is promoting / organising the event or conference.
  • The theme of the event / conference should be of interest to the membership of the ISI.
  • The dates of the event should not be adjacent to dates of events or conferences organised by the ISI or its Associations. In particular, there should be a two-week window (before and after) the ISI World Statistics Congress (WSC) and a one-week window for other ISI and Association conferences. If the event will take place adjacent to one of the WSC or other ISI or ISI Association´s conference, then it shall be considered as a potential satellite meeting to the ISI / Association event in question, in which case the guidelines for satellite meetings apply.
  • The Scientific Programme Committee for the event shall include at least one elected member of the ISI.

For the events that the ISI decides to endorse, the endorsement includes at least the following cooperation actions:

  • The ISI will advertise the event online by including its name, dates, and website address (link) in the ISI Calendar of Events, and will clearly label these as an ‘ISI Endorsed Event’.
  • The ISI will publish brief announcements (prepared by the Organisers) in the ISI Monthly News Items, encouraging its membership to attend.
  • The ISI logo will be provided for use on the event’s website and printed materials (flyers, leaflets, programme book, etc.).
  • The ISI promotional flyer (pdf file) will be provided by the ISI Permanent Office to be printed and distributed to all participants.
  • The ISI does not provide any financial support as part of the endorsement for an event.
  • It may be required that ISI members shall be entitled to reduced registration fees for the conference (at the lowest category).
  • If there are plans to offer short courses, workshops or other meaningful capacity building activities together with the main event, the ISI may consider providing financial support to enable the attendance of the instructor(s) and the provision of suitable facilities. In this case, the request for endorsement and support must reach the ISI at least six months in advance of the event.

Information needed for requesting endorsements of events 

  • Title of event
  • Dates of event
  • Location (country, city) and venue
  • Languages of the event
  • Name of organizations promoting the event
  • Name of the ISI Elected member on the scientific committee for the event
  • Website address for the event
  • Objectives of the event
  • Expected number of participants
  • Short course or capacity building activity requiring support (optional)