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2011 ISI Mahalanobis Award Winner: Professor Victor Yohai

Professor Victor Yohai of Argentina is the recipient of the 2011 Mahalanobis Award. Professor Yohai, Emeritus Professor of the University of Buenos Aires, is internationally recognized as an outstanding scientist, a generous teacher and one of the leading experts in Robust Statistics. He has provided a lifetime of groundbreaking contributions to the fields of mathematical and computational Statistics with an enormous knowledge, also beyond his main themes of research. Professor Yohai's impressive body of research includes fundamental advances in statistical thinking and numerous technical breakthroughs that span over forty years.


His immense dedication for the development of Statistics in Argentina as well as in Latin America is praise-worthy. His contributions to the nurturing and growth of the statistical profession in this region are unparalleled. In spite of difficult conditions, Professor Victor Yohai has been extremely successful in developing a powerful research group in his country, advising and promoting a number of highly talented young researchers. He has strongly contributed to the development of Statistics with numerous innovations that have led to many publications in leading scientific journals in the area. He is widely credited as the founder of the "Argentinean school" in Robust Statistics whose research achievements are continuously cited worldwide.


The members of the 2011 ISI Committee for the Mahalanobis International Award in Statistics unanimously agreed that Professor Victor Yohai is an extremely worthy recipient of the award, selected from a strong field of nominations.


The Committee would like to thank all candidates and sponsors of candidates for participating in the 2011 ISI Mahalanobis Award. Appreciation also goes out to the Committee members for their work in reviewing all candidates.


For more information on the historical background and details of the ISI Mahalanobis Award, please see the original announcement.


Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi

Chair, ISI Awards Committee

Chair, ISI Mahalanobis Committee



Prof. Victor Yohai - Presentation


Prof. Victor Yohai - Speech


Speech by the Minister of Statistics of India