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The biennial International Prize in Statistics is stewarded and managed by a foundation comprising representatives of the five major statistical organizations working cooperatively to develop this prestigious award: the American Statistical Association, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, International Biometric Society, International Statistical Institute, and Royal Statistical Society.

Mirroring the successful approach employed by other prestigious scientific prizes, the International Prize in Statistics recognizes an individual statistician or team of statisticians (groups of individuals working on similar ideas as teams of individuals or organizations) for “a single work or body of work.” This approach better enables the foundation to present the recognized work of each honoree to the public in a way that enhances understanding of the depth and scope of statistics and engenders widespread appreciation for its beneficial impact on modern life.

Powerful and original ideas will be the focus of the award, but a corollary practical and positive effect on the world’s population will be factored into the selection criteria. Examples could include the implementation of statistical surveys or analyses or the development of groundbreaking software systems that are of great benefit to mankind.

The goal of the foundation is to present the honoree(s) with a level of monetary award that will give the statistics prize credibility with the media and public around the world and put it on par with other prominent science awards, including the Nobel Prizes, the Clay Millennium Prizes, the Abel Prizes, and the Shaw Prizes. These aforementioned awards annually garner significant attention from the media and public, as well as significant respect from other scientists.

The International Prize in Statistics will be awarded every other year at the International Statistical Institute-hosted World Statistics Congress. Media outreach and government leader and celebrity involvement in the award ceremony will be pursued aggressively, with the ultimate goal being to enhance public understanding of the depth and scope of statistics.

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The 2019 International Prize in Statistics Awarded to Stanford's Bradley Efron


Bradley Efron Prof. Bradley Efron

The International Prize in Statistics has been awarded to Bradley Efron, professor of statistics and biomedical data science at Stanford University, in recognition of the "bootstrap," a method he developed in 1977 for assessing the uncertainty of scientific results that has had extraordinary impact across many scientific fields. Announcement



The 2017 International Prize in Statistics Awarded to Sir David Cox for Survival Analysis Model Applied in Medicine, Science, and Engineering.


Sir David Cox Sir David Cox

Prominent British statistician Sir David Cox has been named the inaugural recipient of the International Prize in Statistics. Like the acclaimed Fields Medal, Abel Prize, Turing Award and Nobel Prizes, the International Prize in Statistics is considered the highest honor in its field. It will be bestowed every other year to an individual or team for major achievements using statistics to advance science, technology, and human welfare. Announcement