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List composed by the ISI Committee History on Statistics

1719-1722 Gottfried Achenwall (coined German word Statistik)
1927-2009 Hirotugo Akaike (model selection)
801-873 Abu Al-Kindi (statistical cryptography)
1667-1735 John Arbuthnot (test of hypothesis of gender ratio )
1701-1761 Thomas Bayes (inverse probability)
1700-1782 Daniel Bernoulli (logarithmic utility)
1878-1956 Felix Bernstein (statistical analysis of blood group inheritance )
1821-1883 Louis-Adolphe Bertillon (demography)
1945-2010 Julian Besag (spatial lattice models)
1784-1846 Friedrich Bessel (probable error)
1919-2010 David Blackwell (estimation, game theory)
1711-1787 Roger Boscovich (least absolute deviations)
1919-2013 George Box (time series)
1811-1863 Auguste Bravais (theoretical regression)
1789-1857 Augustin Louis Cauchy (minimizing largest error)
1912-1979 Jerome Cornfield (clinical trials)
1900-1978 Gertrude Cox (experimental design)
1924-now David Cox (proportional hazards)
1893-1985 Harald Cramér (mathematical basis of statistics)
1906-1985 Bruno de Finetti (Bayesian statistics)
1900-1993 W. Edwards Deming (quality control)
1938-now Bradley Efron (bootstrap)
1897-1883 William Farr (statistical visualization, medical statistics)
1890-1962 Ronald Fisher (likelihood, significance test)
1768-1830 Joseph Fourier (testing difference of two proportions)
1822-1911 Francis Galton (empirical regression)
1777-1855 Carl Friedrich Gauss (Gauss-Markov theorem, delta method)
1809-1890 Jules Gavarret (fixed significance level testing in medicine)
1884-1965 Corrado Gini (index of inequality)
1908-1955 Meyer Abraham Girschick (decision theory)
1620-1674 John Graunt (demography)
1802-1866 André-Michel Guerry (criminal statistics, statistical graphics)
1891-1966 Emil Julius Gumbel (statistics of extremes)
1911-1999 Trygve Haavelmo (foundations of econometrics)
1926-1974 Jaroslav Hájek (asymptotics)
1656-1742 Edmund Halley (actuarial science)
1910-1990 Morris Hansen (sampling)
1897-1991 Austin Bradford Hill (randomized clinical trials)
1895-1973 Harold Hotelling (confidence intervals)
1891-1989 Harold Jeffreys (Bayes factors)
1835-1882 Stanley Jevons (index numbers)
1884-1961 Truman Kelley (coefficient of reliability)
1838-1919 Anders Kiaer (survey sampling)
1903-1987 Andrei Kolmogorov (optimal estimation, time series)
1919-2013 Danie Krige (spatial estimation)
1749-1827 Pierre-Simon Laplace (inverse probability, ratio estimation)
1924-2000 Lucien Le Cam (asymptotics)
1752-1833 André-Marie Legendre (least squares )
1917-2009 Erich Lehmann (testing)
1837-1914 William Lexis (time series)
1923-2013 Dennis Lindley (decision theory)
1893-1972 P. C. Mahalanobis (multivariate distance)
1895-1933 Lucien March (visualization of statistical distributions)
1930-2000 Georges Matheron (geostatistics, mathematical morphology)
1723-1762 Tobias Mayer (combining astronomical measurements)
1924-2010 John Nelder (generalized linear model)
1894-1981 Jerzy Neyman (hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, spatial cluster models)
1820-1910 Florence Nightingale (data visualization)
1924-2016 Ingram Olkin (meta-analysis)
1895-1980 Egon Pearson (hypothesis testing)
1857-1936 Karl Pearson (chi-square test, P-value)
1623-1687 William Petty (estimation)
1897-1993 E.J.G. Pitman (invariant and equivariant estimators)
1723-1791 Richard Price (demography)
1796-1874 Adolphe Quetelet (anthropometry)
1920-now C.R. Rao (optimal unbiased estimation)
1839-1914 Charles Saunders Peirce (randomized experimentation)
1917-1971 Leonard Jimmie Savage (Bayesian statistics)
1917-1988 Elizabeth Scott (spatial cluster models)
1876-1937 William Sealy Gosset (t-test)
1793-1859 Lemuel Shattuck (public health)
1891-1967 Walter Shewhart (quality control)
1710-1761 Thomas Simpson (least deviation regression)
1878-1939 Kirstine Smith (optimal design of experiments 1918)
1863-1945 Charles Spearman (factor analysis)
1920-2016 Charles Stein (shrinkage estimation)
1838-1910 Thorvald Thiele (analysis of variance)
1915-2000 John Tukey (robust statistics, fast Fourier transform, exploratory data
1912-1954 Alan Turing (cryptography)
1883-1953 Richard von Mises (directional data)
1902-1950 Abraham Wald (sequential analysis)
1891-1983 Helen Walker (history of statistical education )
1717-1783 Pehr Wargentin (demography)
1947-1975 Robert Wedderburn (generalized linear model)
1892-1965 Frank Wilcoxon (rank tests)
1816-1894 Theodor Wittstein (coined German term mathematische Statistik 1863)
1871-1951 Udny Yule (time series)