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IES 2022 - Innovation & Society 5.0

27 January – 28 January 2022
Location: University of Campania "L. Vanvitelli", Italy

Statistical and Economic Methodologies for Quality Assessment

  • Italian Statistical Society (SIS)
  • European Network for Business
  • Industrial Statistics (ENBIS), Economics Department, University of Campania “L. Vanvitelli”

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Objectives of the Event: IES 2022 “Innovation & Society 5.0” aims

  • to promote and coordinate the statistical and economic methodologies for the evaluation of a human-centered society emphasizing how statistical thinking, design and analysis may be of use to a Society 5.0. The Society 5.0 addresses all areas of our work and our own life. We will therefore see changes in many aspects of our society and this will require many data analysts, who will have to manage information systems and work with Big Data.
  • to foster advanced methodological research supporting the assessment of quality of social services. Indeed, in the Society 5.0 anyone can enjoy a high quality of life full of vigor where a higher value of services is recognized to the collaboration between man and machine, and the moral, ethical and economic values of digitization are rooted in the whole society.
  • to be a platform where the experts of Statistics, Data Mining, Data Science, Machine Learning and related disciplines meet to understand and analyse administrative systems with Big Data.
    Application fields of interest for the Conference are the following: Sustainability, Health, Wellness, Sport, Tourism, Education, Training and Research, Bank and FinTech, Transportation, Environment, Enterprise, Industry and Finance, E.commerce, Digital Marketing, Labour Market, Public Administration, Justice System.
  • To make it as useful and constructive as possible, the Conference is open to the participation of and discussion with scholars of other disciplines, experts, responsible managers for development policies dealing with the relationships between evaluation, innovation and society.