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First Event on Play with Real Data

31 December 2020
Location: Bu-Ali Sina University, Hamedan, Iran

The world contains a large amount of data that come from diverse sources including commercial transactions, social media, censuses, search engines, the internet and more. Such data can help us to create a better world. Organizations and companies hire statisticians and data scientists to analyze their data and help them to improve their businesses.

AGNA along with Bu-Ali Sina University, and jointly with 
y-BIS under ISI and SDAT (Scientific Data Analysis Team) are organizing the first event on the value of data to provide an opportunity for both data holders and data analyzers to extract maximum value from their data. Financial support for this event is provided by SDAT, International Statistical Institute (ISI) (which receives funding from The World Bank Trust Fund for Statistical Capacity Building), and by ISBIS.

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