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28th International Workshop on Matrices & Statistics (IWMS 2020)

15 December – 17 December 2020
Location: Manipal, India

The 28th International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics, IWMS 2020, will be held at the Center for Advanced Research for Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, (MAHE) Manipal, Karnataka, India. The theme of workshop shall focus on:

  • Matrix Analysis,
  • Projectors in Linear Models & Multivariate Analysis,
  • Growth Curve Models,
  • Linear Regression Models,
  • Linear Statistical Inference,
  • Modelling Covariance Structures,
  • Multivariate and Mixed Linear Models,
  • Statistics in Big Data Analysis.

This series of Workshops has a long history, and we welcome the opportunity to hold the workshop once again in India. CRR Day on 17th December 2020 : The present 28th IWMS will be held beside ICLAA 2020 (December 17-19, 2020) and CRR Day will be on 17th December 2017, the common day of events, to celebrate 100 years of C. R. Rao, who is among great Statisticians and Matrix theorist India ever produced. We are sure that 28th IWMS will be a great success with the participation of prominent researchers from across the globe working in Statistics, Matrix Theory and allied subjects. The purpose of the Workshop is to stimulate research and, in an informal setting, to foster the interaction of researchers in the interface between statistics and matrix theory. The Workshop will provide a forum through which statisticians may be better informed of the latest developments and newest techniques in linear algebra and matrix theory and may exchange ideas with researchers from a wide variety of countries. As well as range of plenary speakers we are to strengthening the interactions between participants by organizing a range of minisymposia in various specialist areas.

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