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The use of Administrative Data to Produce the First Wave of Italian Permanent Census Estimates

25 March 2021

All are invited to this webinar, organised by the International Association for Survey Statisticians.

In 2016 Istat (Italian National Statistical Institute) launched a modernization programme in which the Registers Integrated System (RIS) became the backbone of the data production process. Starting from 2018, the Istat, like other countries (ONS, 2016), launched the Permanent Census, a new census system, aimed at integrating administrative data and data coming from sample surveys to obtain the counts of the usual resident population at a reference date, cleating Census counts of coverage errors affecting the register. A Lincoln-Petersen estimator is used after adjusting for people erroneously included in the register (overcoverage) or missed by the registers (undercoverage) on the basis of record linkage procedures and an evaluation of the not response errors which affect the surveys by means of the administrative signals of work and school enrolment (signs of administrative lives).

Biographies of the speakers

  • Nicoletta Cibella is a statistician and has worked for Istat since 2002. After working for many years in the methodological division, she is now in the Census Department of statistical production, Demographic and Census Population Statistics Direction. She is in charge of the project 'Innovative criteria and tools for the optimization of census population calculation strategies' (from 2018). Research fields: record linkage techniques, capture/recapture models, undercoverage estimation, non-sampling errors. 

  • Angela Chieppa is a researcher at Istat since 1998, focusing on issues related to informative systems, statistical methods useful for processing Census data and for assessing quality of Census results. She is the supervisor of the workgroup responsible for the design and implementation of the informative system to process data coming from administrative sources, statistical registers and census surveys as to produce final Census results suitable for dissemination through web-warehouses. She is also in charge of data mining and knowledge discovery activities to define relevant patterns in administrative data and statistical registers, useful to improve estimation of Census results.


Time: 11 AM - 12:30 PM CET (please check your own time zone)

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The moderator for the webinar will be James Chipperfield (IASS, Vice President). There will be time for questions. The webinar will be recorded and made available on the IASS web site and in the ISI webinars library.