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Welcome to this first IAOS Executive Committee update!

When I was elected President at our General Meeting last August I promised to keep you informed of what the Association is doing. I hope this note, which I plan to circulate regularly in future, will give you a taste of this, and will also encourage you to dip into our website for more information.


The Executive Committee and the Work programme


The new Executive Committee is featured on the IAOS Website. It has now met three times, mainly by telephone conference. Some of our early activities have been about getting ourselves organised and using the website as a place to record our activities, and as a basis for future communication with you, the members. You will find the Minutes from recent Executive Committee meetings there, details of our membership and also, for the first time, our income and expenditure accounts and projected budget for the year.

The aims of the IAOS are set out on the website, see Foundation and Objectives, and these have not changed, but we have now adopted a Work programme which shows the strategy for taking forward our aims over the next two years. The work programme sets out four priorities for the two years of my presidency:


  • delivering successful conferences and workshops;
  • developing and supporting the membership;
  • delivering successful publications and communications; and
  • improving our effectiveness.


The work programme is organised according to these priorities. It is a living document, updated as our work progresses, and I would be interested in any feedback from you. One of the questions the Executive Committee asked itself is: How ambitious do we want to be? And the answer is that depends on how far you, the membership, want to get involved. So in this update I want to highlight ways you can give us your views and get involved in IAOS activities.


I have organised the rest of this update according to the four priorities.


Delivering successful conferences and workshops


The big event this year is our biennial IAOS conference in the Ukraine, on getting our messages across, focusing on statistical reporting and dissemination. Please have a look at the conference website. There may still be time for late contributed papers, and registration is open, with early bird rates applicable until 20 June.


We are already thinking about the next conference due in 2014, and Shigeru Kawasaki will soon be in touch to invite your views on possible topics.


Next year we are organising sessions for the World Statistics Congress in Hong Kong. See their web site or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.


Developing and supporting the membership


Does the website need improving? We think it does. Our intention is to use the website as a more active way of communicating with you, but that will require a greater effort to keep it up to date. The ISI office provides a web master (Hans Lucas - our thanks to him) who handles the technical side, but we do need people who can help with the editorial side and help develop the website as a more useful resource for you the members. Interested? Then contact me.


IAOS needs more members! We currently have 290 individual members, which is quite small when you think how many people have an interest in official statistics (and the Association is not only for producers, it is also for users and others with an interest). Nancy Gordon is helping by taking a fresh look at our recruitment literature and she has begun by clarifying the question: why be a member of IAOS? If you want to help Nancy with this work please contact her.


Delivering successful publications and communications


While thinking of the benefits of membership, did you know you get free access to our journal - the statistical Journal of the IAOS. Have a look at the Journal web page and see if any articles interest you. Better still, write an article and send it to the editor in chief Frank Nolan.


Did you know that next year is to be the International Year of Statistics? IAOS are considering how best to mark this, probably including some activity at the WSC in Hong Kong. How are you planning to mark this event in your country?


Improving our effectiveness


We will be taking a look at our statutes over the next few months to see if they need updating, and also setting up a nominating committee for the next Executive Committee.


An invitation to get involved


You have demonstrated your interest in official statistics by joining the IAOS. If you want to help us take forward our programme of work and help us make the Association more relevant to your needs, then please contact me and get involved.


Stephen Penneck

President IAOS


Contact names and email addresses:

Stephen Penneck This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr Frank Nolan This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Shigeru Kawasaki This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nancy Gordon This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.