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Results of the ISI Officers' Elections


This year’s ISI Officers’ Elections were conducted between 31 August and 21 October 2012. The voting was mainly carried out by electronic means, which was made possible due to the recent changes in the ISI Statutes and By-Laws. We received 710 valid votes, which corresponds to 33% response rate.


The following persons were elected


For the post of President-Elect (2013-2015):

Pedro Silva, Brazil


For the posts of Vice-Presidents (2013-2015/17)

John Bailer, USA (2013-2017)                                               

Irena Krizman, Slovenia (2013-2017)                                   

Helen MacGillivray, Australia (2013-2015)                              

Victor Perez-Abreu, Mexico (2013-2015)


For eight Council posts (2013-2017)

Grace Bediako, Ghana                                                
Alessandro Fasso, Italy
Xuming He, Singapore/USA
Delia North, South Africa
Byeong U. Park, South Korea
Fabrizio Ruggeri, Italy
Jan Robert Suesser, France
Fred Vogel, USA


Present Council members who will be continuing their service for a further two years (2013-2015) are:

Daniela Cocchi, Italy                                         

Lawrence H. Cox, USA                                                

Stephen E. Fienberg, USA                                
Enrico Giovannini, Italy                                               
Shigeru Kawasaki, Japan                                  
Claudia Klüppelberg, Germany                                    
Aad van der Vaart, Netherlands                                  
James V. Zidek, Canada               


The formal approval of the election results by the General Assembly will occur during the Hong Kong WSC scheduled for 25 -30 August 2013. We are grateful to all candidates for their enthusiasm and willingness to support the ISI. The newly elected team, under the leadership of the incoming President Vijay Nair, will start its work at the completion of the WSC in Hong Kong on 30 August 2013.