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Theme of the ISI Khawarezmi Outreach Committee Meeting,
23rd August, 2011

13.30-15.00 in Liffey Meeting Room 5

at the Convention Centre Dublin


Governments are responsible for making policy decisions to improve the quality of life for individuals and the population and monitoring progress of their societies.  Hence governments need good statistics as they provide a basis for good decision making. Statisticians have to play a vital role in handling the data to bring out the major findings useful to decision makers in formulating sound policies for the countries. The Khawarezmi Outreach Committee Meeting aims at strengthening  the statistical capacity of the Arab countries to facilitate Evidence based decision making. The Conference will also discuss  the possibilities of mutual cooperation among member countries, International Organizations and Donors in upgrading and enhancing the quality of Official Statistics through developing projects.




ISI Khawarezmi Outreach Committee