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To the ISI Members,

It is our pleasure to report about the most recent events in relation to ISI’s activities in statistical capacity building and the 2013 International Year of Statistics.


During the second week of November, the ISI organised the second High Level Workshop ´Leadership in Modern Statistical Systems´ in Daejeon, Korea. Leaders from National Statistical Offices participated in the workshop and exchanged their experiences and ideas to improve the National Statistical System. This workshop is one of the important components that ISI is undertaking in Statistical Capacity Building and it was the topic of the conference that followed the workshop. The Special ISI Conference ´Expertise Builds Capacity´ was a great opportunity for all participants, including the ISI Executive Committee, to hear ideas and constructive suggestions from experts. The ISI will hold another High Level Workshop in Dakar, Senegal, in December for French speaking members of statistical offices.

Contributions from representatives from International Organisations, National Statistical Societies and universities were extremely helpful to guide the ISI in the next step of policy formulation in statistical capacity building with inputs from various perspectives. The EC will continue discussing ways to implement the ideas and suggestions from this special conference and the report will be available to the members.


Another important event is the 2013 International Year of Statistics. We have six weeks left before its launch. The interest of organisations from all around the world to take part is enormous. Over 1,000 organisations from more than 100 countries are participating. Some of these organisations have developed very specific plans for events, competitions, publications and so forth. We welcome the enthusiasm for Statistics 2013! If you have not yet expressed your support, the ISI asks you to register your participation. Please display the logo everywhere you can, integrate the news in your newsletter and other communications. We hope activities are organised in your region of the world. This event is a unique opportunity to communicate the importance and relevance of the statistical discipline to the public and user communities.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to make Statistics 2013 a success with active participation from all disciplines that are uniquely brought together in the ISI.



J.C. Lee


Ada van Krimpen

Jae C Lee

ISI President



Ada van Krimpen

ISI Director