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Dear Members of the ISI Community,


We start with our warmest wishes for you and your families for a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

This year is known to be the Year of the Dragon in Asia. It signifies a flying dragon high up in the sky with courage and ambition. So does the ISI in this year.


At the beginning of this year, we would like to reflect on the ISI’s activities of 2011.

2011 was a year rich with activities: First and foremost is the ISI World Statistics Congress in lively Dublin. It was the first time that we organised a reception for ISI elected members, the Awards Ceremony, as well as many activities for young statisticians. The ISI’s work is only feasible through the willingness that so many of our members volunteer through their valuable time and energy. Thanks again to all who contributed to the ISI’s work.


A special word of thanks to our members who joined juries and selection committees for Awards, Prizes and Grants. The increased applications for support outnumbered those of the previous years by hundreds. The jury members patiently and dedicatedly carried out a marvellous job.


For the ISI, the year 2011 was also a very special year because the General Assembly adopted the new ISI Statutes and By-Laws. The new membership category of Regular Members has already attracted a lot of applications and the recruiting of these new members and the well-known Elected Membership will be further intensified.


To name a few other highlights: The ISI High Level Workshop for Anglophone African statistical leaders in March in Addis Ababa was considered a successful one according to the participants. Repetitions of such workshops for leaders of Francophone African countries and Asian countries are in the pipeline for 2012. At the same time, the ISI invested in exploring the options for increased involvement of the ISI membership in statistical capacity building and mentoring schemes. We anticipate that these will materialize during the year 2012 through specific ISI activities in these important areas.


The adoption of the ISI Strategic Plan 2011-2015 marked the result of intensive discussions about the vision of the ISI and its objectives.

Implementing the Strategic Plan is a continuing role of the ISI Executive Committee. We will concentrate on the activities, especially for young people: The ISI should be able to give them a platform and a network where young people can liaise with the more experienced statisticians amongst our membership. Communication with our members and making them feel at home in the ISI community will appear equally high on the list. New and better services for the ISI membership are to be developed to increase their enthusiasm.


The option to subscribe to Significance magazine at reduced rates is a new feature for our members, and there is more to come. The new STAT, a rapid online statistical research journal, will be launched soon and ISI members will enjoy free subscriptions.


Preparations for the 2013 International Year of Statistics is high on the agenda this year.

The ISI, Bernoulli Society and ISBIS have already joined this initiative. We invite all Associations, National and International Societies, National Statistical Offices and International Organisations to take part in this initiative. Please register your liaison via the website and remain informed of the latest news.


At the beginning of this year, the ISI President wrote to the President of the Hellenic Statistical Authority, Mr. Georgiou, in support of his endeavour to comply with the high international standards for producing good quality and impartial statistical information about the Greek economy and society. We are concerned about the pressure that has been put on him and the organisation and we hope that our letter will be of help. The ISI considers it as its task to assist Statisticians in their commitment to operate in concordance with the standards of the ISI Declaration on Professional Ethics.


We hope that we may continue to count on the numerous contributions from our members to the ISI’s activities, being it through your financial support, your involvement in the several ISI Committees, Outreach Groups, or Associations.

The ISI can only pursue its mission with your active participation and we are grateful for that.



J.C. Lee


Ada van Krimpen

Jae C Lee

ISI President




Ada van Krimpen

ISI Director