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As you probably noticed, we all have been working hard to help the ISI to fulfil its role as the prime international institute for statistics. Over the last two years, we have gotten involved in many initiatives: Involvement of young statisticians within the ISI, upgrade of the ISI website, World Statistics Day, Declaration of Professional Ethics, new outreach committee in Latin America, Capacity Building projects in Africa, Mentoring activities in developing countries, etc.

At the moment, we are almost constantly preparing for the World Statistics Congress (WSC) in Dublin, 21-26 August. Three weeks before the start of the conference, the counter stands at 2025 participants (not including accompanying people) from 110 countries. It is clear that the meeting will attract lots of attention. There will be a wealth of scientific sessions, quite a few dealing with the Special Theme Day on Water, Statistical Aspects. Next to the contributed papers, we pay special attention to the posters that we like to upgrade. Recent achievements by members of the ISI or the Sections will be put into the floodlights during the Awards Ceremony, held immediately before the ISI General Assembly.  Prior to the congress, the young statisticians have organised a first Young Statisticians Satellite Meeting. Moreover, there is a plethora of other Satellite Meetings and Short Courses. A carefully prepared slate of administrative and social meetings has been scheduled, many for the first time. For more information, please go to the website http://www.isi2011.ie/content/ to find out more. In any case, you are all very welcome to enjoy this important gathering that is happening in the spectacular Conference Centre, designed by Kevin Roche!

For the future of the ISI, we are the end of another initiative with a long history but that has been crucial for the Institute, namely the revision of the ISI Statutes and By-Laws. Thanks to your vote, the revision has been approved by a comfortable majority and we look forward to the ratification in the ISI General Assembly in Dublin. This does not mean that we will not be carefully looking at comments from members that did not feel fully comfortable with the revision and we will take these comments very seriously. In the meantime, the incoming Executive Committee and Council will need time and inspiration to throw the new statutes into a workable format.

This is my last contribution for the ISI News. I have enjoyed working for the ISI. It has been very challenging and we have been able to accomplish a lot. But this was only possible thanks to the teamwork and devotion of all the members of the Executive Committee, the members of the ISI Council and the staff at the Permanent Office. I use this opportunity to thank them all warmly for their cooperative spirit and enthusiasm. Without them, we would never have been able to accomplish so much.

See you all in Dublin!


Jef Teugels


Jef Teugels