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It is our pleasure to send you and your families our best wishes for a wonderful year. This is a very special and meaningful year for all of us statisticians because of the 2013 International Year of Statistics (http://www.statistics2013.org). It was launched in early January and now we have more than 1400 organizations participating in the celebration for promoting our profession, as well as publicizing to everyone in the world. We express our thanks to all those who are planning many special events in 2013 and to those who are participating enthusiastically in promoting statistics to improve human life.


The year 2013 is the 300th anniversary of the publication of Jacob Bernoulli's book Ars Conjectandi. It is also the 250th anniversary of Thomas Bayes' Theorem. These will also be celebrated at the 59th WSC with special IPSs and we will organize a Statistics2013 side event during the forthcoming UN Statistics Commission.


The preparation for the 59th WSC in Hong Kong is well underway. Since the theme is "Youth", we are organizing many activities relevant to young statisticians. They are the future of our profession and we have to support their activities for their professional development. I am really grateful to those who help young statisticians for their participation at the WSC and some of the Satellite Meetings. I would like to especially mention with gratitude the Wakimoto Memorial Fund (WMF) in this regard, among many other funding sources. WMF will support 25 young statisticians for their travel to these events and also supports the awards for ISLP Competition.


The ISI will start a new funding program using our own reserve fund for strategic projects. The ISI Executive Committee approved this initiative at its recent meeting and the details including invitation for proposals will be made available in the near future on the ISI website. This will encourage ISI members to initiate special projects that the ISI faces in the next few years to fulfill its goals stated in our mission and the current strategic plan.


A new prestigious Prize will be awarded starting from the WSC this year where the recipient will give a special lecture. Again, the details will be made available on our website. The ISI EC approved this Prize and its name is the "Karl Pearson Prize" and the fund for this is graciously donated by the Elsevier Statistics Journals.


The ISI, jointly with the International Economic Association (IEA), will start a new Strategic Forum from this year on "Sustainable and Equitable Well-being: Measures and analytical frameworks". A memorandum of understanding was just signed by three parties, ISI, IEA and SAS, the financial sponsor of the forum. This forum was initiated by ISI Council Member Enrico Giovannini with Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel Economic Laureate and the President of IEA. This forum will enhance the image of our two societies with great visibility in the global press and media.


Continuing our efforts from last year, the ISI will put more resources in capacity building projects in the developing world. We are keen to have your continued support and active participation in these projects as well as many constructive suggestions for improving such projects.



J.C. Lee


Jae C Lee

ISI President





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