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The ISI is proud to launch a new type of membership: the ISI Regular membership. Regular membership was approved by the ISI General Assembly in Dublin in August 2011.

Everyone who shares the values and objectives of the ISI can join as a Regular member. The annual fee is € 50 for individuals from developed countries and € 15 for those from developing countries. If you are already a member of one of the seven ISI Associations you can obtain Regular membership at a reduced rate: € 25 for developed countries and € 8 for developing countries.

This new type of membership is especially suitable for people who are less advanced in their statistical careers, students or users of statistics. It will exist next to the well-known Elected Membership, which is open for those recognized for their contributions to statistical methods, administration of a statistical service or statistical education. Candidates for Elected Membership have to undergo an election process which is organized four times a year. This does not apply for Regular Membership and the only thing you need to do to become a Regular member is simply complete an application form.